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Friday, 4 May 2012

Getting into A Pickles

Not many months ago the leaders' of Westminster, Hammersmith & Fulham and RBK&C published a self-aggrandising report on proposals to save money by sharing services.
As with so many of these ideas the devil is always in the detail-and detail and local government are  notoriously bad bedfellows.
At the time, those with business experience, were shaken by the amateur and cavalier nature of the report. Equally disturbing, the fact that no thought had been given to bringing in a management consultancy to advise. According to Cockell there was no need..... sufficient internal expertise existed!
Myers: The Cockell Puppetmaster
 Those who know about mergers in the real business world understand how fraught with danger they are: that's why management consultants are paid vast sums of money to smooth the process.
The Dame took a look at the report. Of the the three authors only one remains standing. Yes, it's Pooter Cockell and we all know how scarily incompetent he is!

But looming on the horizon is something much more frightening......and far more serious.....

Local election results are a disaster for the Conservative Party so looking ahead to 2014 we wonder what the political condition of Hammersmith and Fulham might be. If trends continue it would seem inevitable control will revert to Labour.

We have yet to hear from Derek Myers or Merrick Cockell as to contingency plans to ensure the continuance of shared services in that event.

Just Pooter Left!
The Dame sees a serious accident waiting to happen.


  1. This is an issue that Emma Dent Coad should raise at the next council meeting.

  2. Hammersmith and Fulham will definitely revert to Labour, the people are sick of them...but then the fun shall begin.

  3. Apparently Labour would not be able to opt out of the tri-bogoff arrangement without paying a lot of money, this I believe is a clause written into the contract.

  4. Thank you 14.09, we are very well aware of the probabilities on this issue. As ever we are thinking and working hard with our triborough colleagues, and will arrive at our conclusions after due consideration.

    Neither haste nor speed will help us here.


  5. Another triumph for Pooter

  6. As you say Dame 'just Pooter left' but hopefully not for much longer.


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