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Tuesday, 29 May 2012


Getting into the Jubilee spirit The Dame' s spendthrift young nephew, Ludo, insisted on taking her to that  'fave'of our local power brokers, W8.
W8...Cockell's Caf
As they were ushered to Ludo's favourite table they passed none other than two of Horton Street's big hitters....Sir Pooter Cockell and 'Oirish' Ahern.
So absorbed were they in a heated conversation they failed to notice The Dame and Ludo.
Ludo was  overwhelmed at being next to the centre of power and The Dame had to be quick to stop him popping over to ask for Pooter's autograph.

As The Dame tucked into her specially imported ortolan, stuffed with foie grass and black truffle, she noticed Pooter too seemed to have a healthy appetite. What could he be celebrating she wondered......

Pooter's £50 Chef's Special
Had he at last heard his peerage was on the way? 
Oirish was less happy. In fact, tears were coursing down his ruddy Donegal cheeks, splashing over his favourite Hermes tie.
Ludo, in his new guise as an intrepid undercover journalist, was intently listening to their conversation with a discreet omnidirectional eavesdropping device.
Well, Ludo what is going on.” The Dame demanded. According to Ludo the news was not good for Oirish. It seems Pooter had taken him out for a lush lunch to tell him that twenty two year old Rock Feilding Mellen was going to be the next leader. Pooter told his now fuming guest that his successor needed to be someone of sufficient social stature to continue the aristocratic leadership tradition of soon to be Lord Pooter of Hortown
The gentle side of The Dame popped out. Summoning the waiter she commanded him to convey her barely sampled bottle of Cristal to Pooter's table: she was slightly hurt when Pooter sent it back with a furious look.

Cristal-a present from The Dame
The Dame noted that she must check Pooter had not got taxpayers to pick up the tab


  1. As usual the Dame is spot on. The Young Turk councillors have decided upon Rock FM on the basis that he is not tainted too much by Cockell and the old guard. Jonathan Read is a non runner...too clever by half as the saying goes...

  2. The silly season is with us!

    All manner of surprises will result

  3. Cllr Ahern and Cllr Coleridge are dear sheep in the K&C Leadership stakes. The train left the station and they missed it.

    Both men are short of grey matter but their dithering over the last three years showed indecisiveness and a lack of courage. And neither man has a "following" with the Conservative group of Councillors. Lots of affection for them both, but no sense that they "could hold things together" or make a difference.

    So the spotlight needs to be on the next generation. Cllr Fielding-Mellen has the advantage of a Cabinet post which gives him a head start over possible rivals. But he needs a proper job if we are going to judge him. Cabinet Member for Civil Society is an absurdity that only Cockell could have dreamed up.

    Cllr Read is talked about but he needs a Cabinet position. So what may become vacant in the not too distant future?

    It is high time that Cllr Fiona Buxton (Adult Social Care) moved on to concentrate on her Local Govt Headhunting. And it is a scandal that she remains in Cabinet after being the champion and promoter of the disastrous Chelsea Care.

    It can only be a matter of time before Cllr Elizabeth Campbell, the bible quoting, buffoon hair, and Thatcher imitating clown, is found out. In the great tradition of Ahern and Colleridge, she too is mentally challenged.

    As sponsor of Holland Park Opera, Cllr PAget-Brown (Deputy Leader) is an accident waiting to happen.

  4. I suspect Ludo was too late to hear the early part of the conversation, that would have gone something like this.

    Tim I know everyone wants me to go, and I know I have told everyone that I will go as soon as the Jubilee Year is over and I can be at the opening of Holland Park School, but, well a bit of a problem. You see Dave has been reading the Hornet and I may not get that seat in the Lords, and Michael Gove thinks that Holland Park School is an environmental disaster. So things don't look good. And I need the money to get the girls through university. So Tim, looks like another ten years, but I hardly come into the Town Hall now so it should not make much difference.............

  5. The new Chairman of the Licensing Committee, Cllr Mills, is a person to watch.

    Her year as Mayor, just completed, showed that she has an individuality of style that is often the hallmark of Leaders. And she grabs attention in an engaging "in your face" way. Previously not noted for much, other than being a "loudmouth", she has arrived in a new place.

    As Chairman of Licensing she has a chance to make a real difference to improve the lives of residents. There are still too many "Publics" and "Hillgates" undermining the quality of life in our Borough.

    The Dame needs to keep an eye on the lady from the West Indies and give her lots of exposure.

  6. The problem with Rock FM is that he is universally loathed across North Kensington, having been booted out by the electorate of St. Charles ward after just one term - with the voters even prefering Inspector Clouseau over him! And he is in very bad odour with the whole of the voluntary sector that is supposed to be leading the Council's version of the Big Society. So challenging times are ahead.

    A pity about Tim and Tim; two Tims are obviously less use than one. One Tim might have shown more backbone.

  7. We have been told that the Leader is indeed going to be Mayor next year - and that he will be preferred over Greenhalgh for the Lords as Greenhalgh "has made too many enemies".

  8. Kensington Resident30 May 2012 at 08:42

    Cllr Lindsay, Chairman of the Childrens Scrutiny Committee, is a safe pair of hands, a good brain, and very "grey". Also a very committed Christian. A different animal from Cllr Mills.

    He has shown no sign of ambition to be Leader (unlike the self promoting Cllr Read) but a person who is definitely worth watching.

    In his new job, Cllr Lindsay has the opportunity to consider whether it is appropriate for the Council to continue issuing invitations to disgraced ex Cllr Phelps to attend official functions at the Town Hall

  9. Reading the runes it seems that Pooter
    will not anytime soon be asking the College of Arms to run up a armorial for him. Dave has greater favours to pay back than a man who has caused him embarrassment.
    Dave is an avid reader of Private Eye and has been annoyed to see Pooter(and Boyo Moylan appearing).
    The ruthlessness of the Dame is something to behold. Careers rise and fall on her actions

  10. Cllr Borwick, the Deputy Mayor, is another possible Leader of K&C. She is out of the running for the next four years because of her senior appointment at City Hall, as the No 2 to Mayor Boris Johnson. But she is building up a wide range of responsibilities and experience, including her stint with the police in the last Boris Administration. And she knows how to run election campaigns, having come in as a (surprise) strong second when she ran against Boris to be Mayor of London.

    A greatly respected Ward Councillor in Abingdon Ward, and a track record for building teams, inspiring people, and successfully running a busy life

  11. The idea of Cockell becoming Mayor of K&C next year is an abomination, 8.41

    It is to be hoped that the Hornet, and the Dame in particular, is helping to bring to an end the self serving fiefdom that took hold of the K&C council under the Leadership of Pooter Mubarak, an observation so ably coined by Cllr Atkinson

    The time is overdue to rebuild a democracy in our Borough, and bring on the talent that is being suppressed on the back benches of the Council Chamber

  12. WASP, are Ahern and Coleridge "dear" sheep or dead sheep?

  13. Definitely DEAD sheep

  14. Feilding Mellen would be a complete joke as Leader of the Council.
    What he knows about local Government, business and life could be written on the back of a postage stamp.
    He is also a nob who absolutely despises poor people.
    Voters in North Ken would prefer Pooter remain if Rock FM is the alternative-and that just about says it all!

  15. Why did you delete the post about Environment Day?

  16. because Justin Downes does not like articles he writes being taken from the Top Spot - It will return

  17. 10:54
    I see it is back up

  18. Even the Dame has a bit of an ego - so leave Justin Downes alone and let him have a bit of puff

    After all, this is the Royal Borough of puff and puff

  19. 11:14
    Are you sure Justin Downes wrote it:
    It would appear to have written by someone who knows Pooter.
    Remember the adage...'not everybody who smiles at you is your friend'......
    The Ex Cllr

  20. I don't care who wrote it. Cockell and Buckmaster have brought the Royal Borough into disrepute by inviting Phelps to mayor making as a guest of the Mayor. They must both go.

  21. And there I was convinced that THAT hilarious video address would be the kiss of death. Clearly not.


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