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Thursday, 17 May 2012

The Dame Consulted About Abbas Barkhordar-Brompton Candidate

The Dame is pleased to give her approval to Pooter Cockell's choice of Mr Abbas Barkhordar as Brompton Ward candidate. Mr Barkhordar is Iranian by origin.

Exotically named Abbas is a Schroders banker so will be just the man to explain to residents about the 'bonus culture'.

The odd thing about all this is that Abbas is not a local man and the committee were told by Cockell that his selection was reward for all his hard work in Holland Park. Good to see democracy-Cockell style-in action!

Ludo has been doing some research. He has asked the Dame to clarify the relationship between our candidate and this Abbas Barkhordar below We need transparency on this one Pooter: we do not want to involve ourselves with Iranian politics. It was bad enough when Pooter tried to inflict his gay porn star
BA trolley dolly on us!

About this Case

The information about Mr Abbas Barkhordar is based on a book titled Siavoshan: Remembrance of the Ranjbaran Party of Iran’s Martyrs by Baqer Mortazavi, Germany, 1999.
This execution was also reported in an addendum to the Mojahed magazine (No 261), published by Mojahedin Khalq Organization in 1985. The list includes 12028 individuals, affiliated with various opposition groups, who were executed or killed during clashes with the Islamic Republic security forces from June 1981 to the publication date of the magazine.
Mr. Barkhordar was married with two children. Several years before the revolution, he went to the United States to study. He graduated with a degree in Electronic Engineering. He was a member of the Revolutionary Organization and also a board member of the Student Confederation in the US. During the revolution, he returned to Iran and started working as a manager at the Pars Electronic Industries. At the same time, he was a leading member of the Ranjbaran Party.
The Ranjbaran Party of Iran was established, in Tehran, by a number of Marxist groups and parties in late December 1979. The founders of Ranjbaran were Marxist – Leninist and followers of Mao Tse-Tung’s school of thought. They opposed the USA and the USSR and supported Ruhollah Khomeini as an anti-imperialist leader. During the massive repression of 1981, the party was banned and its leaders were executed. Its publication, Ranjbar, is occasionally published outside Iran since 1981.


  1. If the Dame is right that Council positions are being given out by Cllr Cockell as "rewards" this is a scandal. What about representing residents which is what democracy is about?

    Not in K&C, which has become the personal fiefdom of Cllr Cockell.

    Jobs for favours. And if the new poodle behaves, the promise of big SRA's. This is corruption

  2. It will be interesting to learn how old Mr Abbas is and what experience of life and public life he has.

    It is to be hoped that he is not another young buck hoping for a shot at Westminster and parking himself conveniently in K&C. With absolutely nothing to offer to residents that he is supposed to represent.

    K&C should get back to the "good old days" when Councillors were selected in their 40's and 50's with some experience of life and a wish to do good, to help and to make a difference locally. People with no great ambition to be Prime Minister and no ego driven agenda. And not motivated by greed to take as much as they can from the Hornton Street coffers.

  3. Lord Kensington17 May 2012 at 23:19

    An Iranian banker! Interesting

  4. Could he be a friend of ex Met bent copper Ali Dizael?
    maybe he will have some ideas about what to do with the Iranian Embassy

  5. Fly On The Wall17 May 2012 at 23:39

    One has to hope that Brompton residents are sufficiently awake to notice that their democratic horsepower is severely depleted. The Ward is currently represented by a young ex banker and full time polo player (Cllr Marshall) and an even younger House of Commons research assistant (Cllr Mosley).

    A new boy child has now been foisted on them.

    The blind leading the blind?

  6. WASP, a quick google search suggest the candidate appears to be 23. 23! Evidently a drinking buddy of the current Brompton ward Cllrs.

    Will we have to have a creche in the Council for them to have a run around in case they get restless during Council meetings?

  7. What will be his view on the Iranian cultural centre monstrocity they want to build on Harrington Gardens? Will this be another project the cllrs back over the heads of the electorate?

  8. WAKEY WAKEY Brompton residents...OH I forgot most of them don't live there! So the babies will be left to rule the nursery.

  9. Picture this Iranian carbunckle:

    Will the Cllrs support it?

  10. Kensington Resident18 May 2012 at 12:11

    Here we go again. Another circus act unfolding in a K&C Ward. How very sad.

    Why on earth do we need to be infected with Iranian politics? We need solid, middle of the road citizens (butchers, bakers, candle stick makers) to come forward as Councillors. People who are capable of understanding the concerns of their residents and representing these concerns in Hornton Street.

    Simple really

  11. 12.11, the good people of Kensington will not come forward so long as they consider the Council to be a waste of time and they know that they will have no chance of being listened to. In fact they will be ridiculed. Cllr Freeamn is a clear example of a worthy representative who has been sidelined.

    Democracy has been sidelined to such a degree (Ward Chairman neutered, Ward Committees restricted to envelope stuffing), Councillors chosen by Headhunters and worse, and a culture of "belong to me, do my work, and there will be a fat SRA for you".

    This is the house that Cockell built

  12. Cllr "Boy" Marshall is the stuff of Hornton Street. Elbowed into Brompton Ward at a by election he has first class Pooter credentials. Dad was Chairman of BP, he uses mum's holiday home in Portugal to get away from it all, then there is the penthouse in Chelsea and the full time activity of polo. The client representative job at the Bank did not last.

    Nice chap but far removed from the coal face of elderly and disadvantaged residents trapped in the fifth year of a recession.

  13. Kings Rd Resident18 May 2012 at 12:33

    Not everything in K&C is doom and gloom Dame.

    Kings Road residents were delighted to learn this week that the Licensing Committee closed down PUBLIC - the brats nightclub that was causing mayhem for residents at 2.30 am.

    As one resident told the Standard "The bottom line is that hard working residents don't want to hear a bunch of Made in Chelsea types running around with mummy and daddy's money at night".

    Hard done club owner Howard Spooner defended his hurt pocket with the words that closure had been forced by a bunch "of anti royals who hate toffs".

    Quite so. No mention by Spooner of fighting, vomiting, urinating and used condoms on doorsteps.

    Anyway, the police got it right, summing up the top peoples place as the Kings Rd "number one crime generator".

    Hats off to the Chairman of the Licensing Committee, Cllr Doreen Weatherhead

  14. PUBLIC is exactly the kind of issue that local councillors should be getting active about. Royals and toffs and polo players should know how to behave.

    A reporter at the top people's brat club saw a teenager dressed in blue velvet and gold waistcoat waiving a £1000 bottle of Cristal at his friends and shouting "thats a f*****g reasonable price for a bottle of champagne"

    Exactly so

  15. One thousand pounds??

    For a bottle of champagne?

  16. 12.41 must be a lower order person. £1,000 is OK for a Magnum (that means a big bottle) at a top place. Helps to keep the Essex brigade away

  17. This sounds the sort of place our Leader Pooter Cockell would love. Conspicuous consumption is right up his street. He likes doing it on the taxpayer-hence his £500 dinner for two with his friend the ex dep mayor of London, the crook Clement!!!!

  18. A score for Cllr Weatherhead!!!

    Well this one for the book. Life in the old girl still

  19. Rest assured, 14.25, Cllr Weatherhead recognises a disturbance when she feels one. No getting away from it.

    Just like her colleague Cllr Tony Holt. He also also has gieger counter abilities where the disturbance is concerned

  20. Is there a CV for Mr Abbas that the Dame can provide? There is nothing on the Council website

  21. those last two comments

    He also also has gieger counter abilities where the disturbance is concerned


    Is there a CV for Mr Abbas that the Dame can provide? There is nothing on the Council website

    gieger counters are for radiation, and councils do not post unelected peoples CV.

    Very stupid people seem to populate the blog

  22. 22:08

    The Dame seems to have close to nearly 100,000 unique visitors: they can't all be stupid...and on the subject of stupidity I have never seen gieger counters spelled as you have. Are you sure you are not one of the 'stupid people' who populate the site?

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