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Thursday, 10 May 2012

Cockell and Subterfuge

Is Pooter Cockell going mad? That is the question being asked around Hornton Street.
Determined to try to steal back Crossrail he has come up with some very bizarre
subterfuges. Mr Fitzpatrick of PR was told by Pooter to write some flowery stuff about what name to give the illusory new station.
Fitzpatrick went overboard and got everybody he knew to comment favourably!

Pooter told him to put up a few supportive comments, but in a fit of wild enthusiasm Fitzpatrick went over the top and filled the comment sections with contributions from all sorts of presumably fictitious sad.
Take a look Pooter Says


  1. I read the Council website "The Leader Speaks" about Cllr Cockell's idea for "Portobello" Station as an extension of the Crossrail from Paddington.

    Is the man stark raving mad? TFL has ruled out a Crossrail station in N Kensington (it used to be refereed to as Kensal Station) and have said so publicly. TFL even announced that the station will be located in Hammersmith. (and there is a heavyweight Leader there who will not let it go).

    The Parrot is dead. Why does Pooter persist?

  2. Necrophilia is the new game in Hornton Street

  3. The world of affairs is rather more complex than relaunching a dead project like Kensal Green Station by calling it a new name.


  4. 13:11
    Replacing paedophilia perhaps?

  5. Kensington Resident10 May 2012 at 13:16

    A high speed rail system cannot work if the train has to stop at a station every few yards. The station will be in Hammersmith. The planners decided that this made the most business sense. No chance of another station half a mile down the road in N Kensington.

    Cllr Cockell already maneuvered the Hornton Street system to divert council tax to pay for the station. What next? Will he pay for the trains as well? A whole new network in competition with Crossrail.

    Get a grip man!

  6. More evidence of a Town Hall that is divorced from the real world. The huge puzzle is why the pathetic Tory Councillors cannot see that it is time for new Leadership

  7. The world works on a cocktail of sex, envy and greed. The Tory Councillors like their SRA's too much and Pooter controls the SRA's.

    K&C SRA's are the highest in the country. And given out in the main to a lackluster bunch.

  8. Person Familiar With The Situation10 May 2012 at 13:25

    Here we go again....

  9. Freelance Reporter10 May 2012 at 14:49

    It is rumoured that Cllr Cockell saw off competition for the job of Leader of K&C by whispering to colleagues that he is on the point of pulling off the Crossrail Station for North Kensington. So too soon for him to go. "Unfinished business" , dear boy

    The truly mad believe that they are irreplaceable. No other person could possibly do their job. The dead give away is the pursuit of dead parrot projects.

    Democracy learned the lesson many hundreds of years ago. What a pity we let Democracy die in K&C

  10. Dear Kensington Resident

    Our Leader has already confirmed that he (we) will pay for an extra Crossrail train if an additional train is needed.

  11. Kensington Resident10 May 2012 at 20:07

    19.24, I did not know this.

    £30 million of council tax for the station. How much for the train?

  12. Presumably Boris Johnson will confirm Cllr Moylan as a Deputy Chair of TfL. Cllr Moylan may have promised Cllr Cockell "his" Crossrail station. Both believe they are entitled to use public funds precisely as they wish.

    You couldn't make this up. There is currently an absurd campaign to create a "Portobello" Crossrail station 20 minutes walk from the northern tip of Portobello Market. There is also to be a new "Portobello Square" in North Kensington, hundreds of metres from Portobello Market. This "Portobello Square" is not to be confused with the other newly designated "Portobello Square" - formerly Tavistock Square - off Portobello Road itself. The second "Portobello Square" is paved with the Chinese granite used in Exhibitionist Road. Says it all.

  13. Flogging a dead horse

  14. 20.09. Moylan has a new job from Boris. In charge of delivering the legacy from the Olympics.. Still in charge of Aviation policy but I think he is no longer DC of TFL

  15. Indeed 08.46, Isabel Dedring has taken over TfL, Moylan has been shunted into the fantasy-land of 'delivering Olympic legacy' and pursuing impossible dreams such as Estuary airport, which will never happen either.

    Apparently Johnson is too scared to sack him, so he has been demoted to somewhere he can do no harm (apart from to the taxpayers' pockets) but I believe with a higher income. Disgraceful.

  16. I'm out of the loop, so am grateful for Mosquito's correction. Cllr Moylan has been "promoted" to Olympic Siberia. Between millions of taxpayers, a little more of our money seems a small price to pay for this well deserved acknowledgement of the Councillor's many gifts. Perhaps Boris will add to his generosity by finding an - uninhabited - island in the Thames Estuary, suitable to become the new Kingdom of Moyland.


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