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Tuesday, 15 November 2011

The Dame has had this interesting comment from a Conservative man in the street

left: a man in the street

"I am not unusual. I am a dyed in the wool Conservative. Sometimes I summon up the energy to vote in the local elections: most of the time-like the majority of residents, I don't. 
Someone told me about the Hornet so I logged in. What I have read is hugely saddening and though I will continue to vote Conservative nationally, I will not bother to vote at Council Elections.

I don't know who the Dame is but the feeling I have is that the issues she points out don't exaggerate a deep sense of corruption and wrong doing by a clique whose motivations seem very much based on making as much money for themselves as possible. 

I doubt that there is much difference between our council and any other where one leader and one political caste rule, year in, year out.

I have spoken to one or two Conservative councillors and I can understand that they don't like the Dame but maybe they should be thinking, that were they to be an effective backbench opposition, then the likes of Cllrs Cockell and  Moylan would not treat residents with total contempt. As for the idea of promoting Cllr Feilding Mellen to leader...well that is just incredible.

Sometimes the Dame is harsh but before she came into being people told me that there was no curb on the behaviour of the Council. It does seem now we have a voice. I hope more and more residents will read the Hornet and get involved."


  1. Dear Conservative man in the street
    I regret your decision not to participate in local elections, but I feel sure that you feel the reason is that it's not going to make any difference. All you can do is vote Tweedledum, by voting for Tweedledee and then living to regret it for the next several years. Would you be interested in running a" no confidence" campaignby which you can vote out the Malfaiteurs without having to hang about having to wait for the next local elections?

    (07799) 647160

  2. How would one do such a thing?

  3. The Conservative man in the street is correct. The Hornet is effectively RBKC's democratic Opposition. She is a one insect 'Government in Exile.' Conservative councillors are equally correct to worry that one day K & C will see its long overdue 'Hornton Street Spring!' One hopes this will be achieved through the ballot box, rather than a rebel army. Conservative man in the street should vote for change each time the opportunity arises and encourage others to do the same.


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