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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

A Fool Fooled...Rock And A Hard Place

    Councillor Rock Fielding Mellen is supposed to be the 'heir presumptive' to the disaster that is his master Pooter Cockell. Pooter told him to use the PR Dept to put out a press release regarding a scam that was closed down years ago...but the naive twit Fielding Mellen got caught out causing needless fear amongst residents.  What a bloody idiot!! Read below to see how our sharp Leader in Waiting was thoroughly conned... This scam first came to the attention of PhonepayPlus, the UK's premium rate telephone services regulator, in 2005, when it originated as a chain email scam. PhonepayPlus said it shut down the service (operating on 0906 661 1911) in December 2005 and fined the company that was operating it (Studio Telecom, based in Belize) £10,000. It assured us the service is no longer running and has not been running since December 2005. this says everything about the useless £ million K&C PR Dept- and the man who would be king-the naive twit RockFM


  1. Not sure if you can believe anything at K&C but he is telling his friends that he doesn't think he has the time to take over the job from Cockell.

  2. This is seriously unfunny, So Feilding Mellen gets conned and spends our money promoting an old scam.
    Resign Mellen and NOW

  3. Time to do what? The guy is a waster

  4. It is time for l'affaire Mellen to end

  5. Thank you Dame for alerting the Council to a cock up that could cause elderly residents great distress

    I hope that the PR Department will remove the scam Press Release from the Council website first thing today

  6. It's not like Rock has a proper job, so what on earth is keeping him so busy that he can't take over from Pooter? Redecorating the country home? Having trouble with the domestic staff?

    And Pooter isn't doing the job full time anyway, he is too busy with the LGA.

    We see through your poor excuses, Rocky. Maybe you are waking up to the fact that you aren't qualified to be Leader and you will crash and burn if you get the job.

  7. If it is true that "Rock" is too busy with his other very important "things" to be Leader of K&C - great news

    A graceful exit from a comedy

  8. I like "win wins"

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  11. All of this nonsense should not be tolerated in the Conservative Party in Kensington and Chelsea.

    What matters is hard work and a track record. That should be the only basis for promotion and reward. These things do not come easily and quickly. And not everyone will be successful.

    The persistent comments surrounding Cllr Fielding-Mellen are most disturbing

  12. A word of advice, Rock.

    When the older council members flirt with you just make it plain that you are not interested and they should take their attentions elsewhere. Do not encourage them. Please grow out of this habit.

    It will stop immediately. And then you can get on and do something useful with your life. There is no easy ride. It is all about hard work.

  13. Well said Fly Swatter!


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