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Saturday, 12 November 2011

Cllr Holt Greases up to Der Leader

The Dame has received a report Cllr Holt called a meeting with Cllr Cockell to say how disgusted he is by the "dreadful" Hornet. He likened The Dame to a pox on the Royal Borough. It reminded the Dame of John Wilkes's riposte to Sandwich, who told him he would die of the pox or on the gallows: "that will depend on whether I embrace your mistress or your politics". Anyway, that bon mot does not apply to Pooter or Cllr Holt. The Dame threw it in just to show that she is not just a pretty face.....

Evidently Pooter thanked Cllr Holt for his 'solidarity'.
Holt may wish to consider whether the predatory interest in underage youth displayed by certain councillors is the real pox on the council.
Pooter has now asked other councillors to 'get solid' with him and use every artifice to attack the Dame.

The Dame can see Pooter's point. In just a month another 4,000 unique visitors came to meet the Dame.

The Dame hopes that Cllr Holt's obsequiousness will be rewarded by Pooter.

left: Cllr Holt kissing Pooter's hand, which he hopes will feed him.

Something like this deserves a Special Responsibility Allowance. These are awarded to councillors who suck up to Pooter.

Can anyone suggest what SRA might be relevant to Cllr Holt's unique skill sets?


  1. come on Holt. You are making a fool of yourself throwing down the gauntlet and challenging the great Dame.

  2. Dame it is of no concern. Cllr Holt leads a quiet life that is devoid of excitement and uncertainty. Bed at the usual time after an evening of Soaps on his king size TV. He is a "sad"

    Hornet style excitement is not good for the girl's blood pressure and his GP has advised him to "get it off his chest"

    Hence our councillor has been sounding off to Courtfield residents and his Leader

  3. What a sad person this Courtfield councillor sounds


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