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Thursday, 10 November 2011


The Dame suggests an apology is in order from the RBKC Press Office for putting out the scam press release.
The content was wrong in every respect. It caused needless alarm and distress to residents. If the press department have nothing better to do then maybe it should be wound down and the money saved spent on front line services.


  1. I am glad that Hornton Street, and the Press Office, are reading the Hornet.

    As soon as the Dame alerted the world to more incompetence in the House that Cockell built, the scam Press Release was removed from the Council website in a nano second

    Democracy in action

  2. Thank you Dame. My elderly relatives will be spared more worry in these troubling times

  3. The Hornton Street press office (£1 million a year flunkies, a massive overhead for council tax payers) has become a personal promotion organ for Cockell and his acolytes. Is there no checking before official news is released on behalf of the Royal Borough?

    It is time to put an end to this

  4. Retired Chief Executive10 November 2011 at 10:28

    It is little things like this that alert one to a "tired" organisation that has lost its way.

    Not an unusual situation when leadership has been in place too long and becomes stale.

    An opportunity for a refresh and new faces.

  5. all press releases made on behalf of our RBKC are, in fact, the words of RBKC. I'm amazed that a press release can be released without review by the appropriate people. I offer to help with a process diagnosis, design and mobilisation for the Borough

  6. When an organisation invents a story in order to give the favourite a platform to say something alarming in a Press Release, it is a sign of a deeply corrupted organisation.

    Bloated and corrupted


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