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Thursday, 10 November 2011


Certain comments about Cllr Rock FM have been deleted.

The Dame likes to keep an eye on this young councillor. He has made clear his ambition to lead the Council in the very immediate future. Her view is that his interpersonal skills, on a political level, leave a huge amount to be desired. He conducts himself in an abrasive way at council meetings and puts the back up of fellow councillors by interrupting them and showing off. He is too young and too arrogant. It is debatable whether he should even be in the Cabinet, let alone pitching himself as Leader.
The press release he signed off yesterday underscores that....

However, let us not make comments about him which are clearly untrue. In ten years time he may well have developed and matured to the extent that he could take over the reins of power. However, he is not leadership material at the moment.

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