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Thursday, 17 November 2011


The Dame was excited like a young girl on her first 'date' when she heard loyal followers had successfully lobbied the Mayor, Cllr Mills, to have the Dame's hard work cleaning up the Rotten Borough recognised by a Mayor's Award. However,  the Dame now knows the Award was not in the gift of the Mayor, but Sir Pooter: it always has been, so in fact it is 'The Pooter Award'-not the Mayor's
When Pooter heard of the plan he threw a Germanic tantrum and pronounced the Dame....

A loyal and devoted reader has written these kind words. The Mayor's Award will go down a treat, but maybe it would be a kind gesture for her fans to organise  a small cocktail party in one of the Town Hall entertaining areas. Ex Cllr and Worshipful Mayor Mr Phelps said he is happy to show the Dame how to get into the capacious wine cellars..don't ask how he knows...

left: Town Hall venue for the award to the Dame by the Mayor and Sir Pooter

                  Right: The Dame's ghastly hat designed for the occasion

"I think the Dame is doing a splendid job in tracking down sleaze and poor service. I have been speaking to my friend Councillor Up Yours who was kind enough to find a few minutes to talk to me in a short rest period from his duties as chief sycophant and chief detective for Sir Dear Leader. A task that he was asked to take on after the sad departure of a previous and devoted mayor. He has promised to nominate Dame Hornet for an honour far greater even than the title of Dame awarded to her on the recommendation of David Cameron, and that is a Royal Borough Mayor's Award for outstanding service to the Royal Borough. May I be the first to congratulate her. "


  1. Very well deserved; we look forward to seeing you in a splendid new hat.

  2. Dear Dame. Congratulations. You have done a great job. We are all really grateful. Keep it up and for once a worthy winner of a Mayor's Award. Thank you too, Up Yours, for making all this possible

  3. Congratulations, Dame!
    Sunlight is the best disinfectant.

  4. Yes and I hear that Pooter is asking you to join the Cabinet to give it some much needed intellectual and moral backbone. This is wonderful news.

  5. Dear Dame

    I am very sad that once more Dear Sir Leader has refused to recognise hard work and success. You have achieved more for this Borough than anyone else I can think of. Can we have the party anyway? We will drink to a new leader who is open, transparent and cares about the people who live here rather than himself. Clear that we will not find such a person in Sir Leader's cabinet but that is the challenge.

  6. The Dame has said YES to a Party!!
    The Dame's Social Secretary

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