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Monday, 7 November 2011

Young Feilding Mellen talks Ghetto

Dave Hill(The Guardian) has pointed out to the Dame a comment made by the Young Pretender  concerning Wormington Green Estate. Rock, in discussing the Estate inferred it was a 'ghetto' and that 'ghettoes' can be "full of fear and paranoia". Clearly his own 'Family Estates' are free of this! His bizarre, insensitive and quite crass observation was made as feelings rose to boiling point over demolition plans. Naturally, this sprig of the aristocracy with a canteen of silver spoons in his mouth failed to understand that it would cause residents to fume with anger. According to the Kensington and Hammersmith Times
"Tenants of a tight-knit housing estate threatened with demolition are fuming over incendiary comments made by the Council's housing chief about "ghettoes" that can be "full of fear and paranoia." Councillor Rock Feilding-Mellen, lead for planning policy and housing policy, made the comments as tensions over Kensington Housing Trust's (KHT) plans to demolish Wornington Green Estate reached boiling point at the Kensington and Chelsea council meeting on January 20".

 left: massed peasants from Wormington about to attack Rock

A Labour activist from that part of town points out to me that K&C leader Merrick Cockell was on the guest list for the semi-legendary Stephen Greenhalgh-Localis round table discussion about Hammersmith and Fulham's radical Decent Neighbourhoods regeneration programme. It was a shame Pooter was not able to put a sock in the Young Pretender's mouth. His senseless remark was doubtless picked up by Greenhalgh.
So Fly on the Wall; can you now understand the dangers of 'off the wall comments' made by a total ingenue?


  1. Everyone has to learn on the job. Abnoxious youngsters make abnoxious statements. When they do, they need to be kicked. In the case of Mellen, kicked very hard indeed.

    Unfortunately we have a Leader in K&C, Cllr Cockell, who goes weak at the knees whenever he sets eyes on his cherub

  2. Rock is a Chelsea prat. He may grow out of it. Lets hope so.

    But for the time being, that is what he is. Needs to be taken under management.

  3. Retired Chief Executive7 November 2011 at 21:53

    Awkward young managers can sometimes be developed into very effective and useful team players. But they need careful mentoring, preferably by wise old birds who are not part of the power structure. Someone with a sense of values.

    Cllr Freeman comes to mind.

    The Leader seems to think that Mellen is worth the effort. Could be a rewarding job for Robert Freeman.

  4. The fact is that we should not even be considering Mellen. He is going to get the Borough into trouble

  5. Kensington Resident7 November 2011 at 22:00

    Mellen moves in bad company. Mosely for a start. Great for the party set, but not the serious business of representing residents.

    I wonder what difference he has made for the residents of Holland Ward? Those individual cases who need help with housing, social care, nuisance?

    From time to time I go to Ward events and listen. There are two types of councillors I find. Those who get mentioned in conversation and those who don't. Mellen is still pretty invisible to his residents.

  6. We do not want toffs from Chelsea coming up to Wormington and slagging us off. Who the f... does he reckon he is?

  7. The idea of Hamersmith taking over Kensington and Chelsea is just too monstrous for words.

    Anyone who is thinking this should be hung, drawn and quartered

  8. funny how no-one here knows that it's actually WorNington Green Estate, not WorMington...especially Council Renter.

  9. I think "Council Renter" is probably Cllr. Palmer in another of his incarnations. The clue is in the spelling!

  10. Cllr Fielding-Mellen has taken a pounding ever since his "pash" Cllr Cockell put him up to the most ridiculous video performance of 2011. It was all supposed to be a party joke until some bright spark thought that it should go on the Council website.

    Further digging reveals that the absurdly titled Cabinet Position awarded to the crush is "Cabinet Member for Civil Society". What on earth can this be about? Opening doors for ladies?

    Not at all. The job description (see Council wesite) states that "it is Cllr Fielding-Mellens job to keep everyone on their toes".

    Well now we know. After all, he is a tall boy.......

  11. Anonymous 18.00 - what a shocking double entendre at the end of your comment! Whatever are you suggesting?! Tut tut.

    Problem is with these pretty boys they are so used to getting their way by flashing their eyes and tossing their curls. I saw Moylan speaking to him once, Moylan was drooling and I swear RFM was flirting with him. Yuck.

    It's like the final days of the Roman Empire out there.

  12. Yup, 'Council Renter' must be Driveller, after all, if you were a Council tenant you wouldn't be able to live on Wornington Green; it's housing association.

    Such a simple error smacks of Driveller to me.


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