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Thursday, 3 November 2011

Here to Help Ourselves

 A worker from Hornton Street says staff have come up with rather a naughty 'play on words' concerning the livery on RBK&C vans. Under the RBK&C arms are the words, 'Here to Help You' or some such nonsense.

Staff are saying it should be adopted and adapted by £130k a year, Cockell and   £280k a year, Myers to read....... 'Here to Help Ourselves'.
The Dame thought it most witty.......and rather apposite.


  1. Recently retired worker from RBKC4 November 2011 at 08:09

    This logo should made as a placard and senior management should be forced to wear them. I watched people who had given a good service to RBKC being 'stitched up' for paltry amounts of money. Those at the top made savings ensuring that there was enough left for their pot of gold. What about service to our residents? Forget it , all that matters is that there is enough for those at the top to get their golden handshakes. I am sorry to say K&C does not deserve the Royal title .

  2. There is well documented that there is state of mind that third rate administrators and politicians develop when they feel that they have hit "the big time".

    They splurge on new logos, brands, "From The Office Of Derek Myers", and Prada shoes. It is sad that they do not understand that it makes them look ridiculous.

    Cllr Cockell no doubt feels the part when he is running around in the Bentley and passes "Here to Help" council vans and lorries. It is beyond him that high performing organisations and high performing people focus on making customers and staff happy.

  3. Staff sick leave in Hornton Street is one of the highest in Local Govt. Has been so for many years. Sign of a demotivated work force.

  4. Kensington Resident4 November 2011 at 09:20

    It cost £500k to put the shiny new logos on K&C vans. And then there is the £300k that RBKC1 and RBKC2 cost for the Bentley and the Jag.

    Will everything be rebranded for the Tri Borough? At what cost? I do not want a Hammersmith van arriving with my "meals on wheels". This would be very down market.

  5. Kids playing with their train set

  6. This "branding" exercise was carried out about a year ago when the Royal Borough's Coat of Arms was painted on the sides of council vehicles. It looks nice and self important but why spend all this money in the middle of a recession when services ar being cut back and there is a need for savings?

  7. The ego trip will be justified by some stupid statement like the one from Derek Myers that Cllr Cockell uses the Mayors Bentley in order to save taxi fares

  8. Student of Phelps4 November 2011 at 10:53

    You could not make it up....


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