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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Help Save Mayfair And St James's

Extraordinary news from the normally sensible Westminster City Council. Ordinarily the Dame would not butt into the affairs of her neighbour, but with so many Westminster people reading her she could not ignore the topic. Greedy, short sighted WCC, looking for easy ways to create revenue, has decided to kill and cook the gold egg laying goose and ban free parking on meters and yellow lines from 8.30am until midnight, Monday to Friday, and from 1pm-6pm on Sunday.  This all happens on January 9th 2012 so time is running out fast.

If you have friends in Westminster send them the link and warn them they need to vote NO to this madcap scheme. And remember if you are a K&C resident who shops at Waitrose Belgravia you will be caught in this stupid plan.
We should be fortunate that K&C has enough sense to realise that such a scheme would imperil the already fragile local business economy and make life hell for residents. And if it goes ahead in Mayfair and St James's that is what will happen.

If you are a local business or resident vote NO here  The petition is being lodged shortly so don't delay.


  1. Time and time again we see evidence of thick and greedy people running Local Government.

    This is an easy way to raise more tax. Westminster is in a jam because they cocked up their grant application to Central Govt and are now very short of cash. So they go for the soft underbelly of hard pressed motorists and sting them.

    The fools in City Hall are too thick to understand that the knock on effect will be the closure of businesses and then the loss of rates.

    What we should be seeing is the sacking of the people who cocked up the grant application.....

    Westminster seems to be catching the K&C disease

  2. When will lazy Kit Malthouse at the GLA start to make some waves with all the nonsense that is going on in Westminster, And some in K&C too.

    Kit is the elected representative for West London at the GLA. He made all sorts of promises to electors when he was begging for our votes. Well, Kit you got them. Now its payback time.

    All you seem to do is mutter rubbish for press consumption like "use sprinklers to get rid of the protesters outside St Pauls". Get off your butt and start doing something for your voters

    Get real,man

  3. Westminster Resident2 November 2011 at 10:17

    Sir Simon Milton would never have allowed this stupid decision to happen.

  4. Quite right 10.17. This has something of the Shirley Porter about it

  5. The trash in Westminster Town Hall have short memories. A few years ago they took on the bikers and a massed demonstration brought the Westminster streets to a halt.

    Will the dumbos ever learn?


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