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Sunday, 13 November 2011


Below is an extract from the report to the Cabinet Committee on the Design Museum loan:-
An officer with a sense of humour decided to inject a sort of 'faux amis' into the planning paper. He used that fine verb,to Adumbrate.

Obviously, he was being tongue in cheek, for as we all know, the loan interest rate translates into what it is for us taxpayers ... A DUMB RATE

It is good to see RBK&C officers have a sense of humour!!!

5.1 A decision by Cabinet either to grant or deny the offer of a loan to the Design Museum does not ADUMBRATE the decisions of the Major Planning Development Committee in relation to the redevelopment of the site or the specific decisions regarding elements of the scheme that must be determined by the Committee or the Executive Director for Planning and Borough Development

 The Dame offers the translation

: to foreshadow vaguely : intimate
: to suggest, disclose, or outline partially
: overshadow, obscure


  1. The Officers have nothing but contempt for the current Conservative administration in Hornton Street.

    Mr Holgate will remember well the gossip from his friends at the Treasury during the last days of the Brown administration. A very bad joke

  2. It is unacceptable for RBKC to lend our money to the Design Museum. Spare funds should be directed at reopening our recently closed OAPs dining club and providing services for a former ballerina - both issues highlighted by the Dame.

    The fascinating Museum of Brands is only a stones throw from Portobello Market, in Lonsdale Mews. Children & adults love it. MoB has repeatedly asked RBKC to erect some signposts to advise visitors of its existence - so far without success.


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