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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Nicholas Holgate congratulated by The Dame

 left: a first rate officer

The Dame was delighted to hear that Nicholas Holgate, our Director of Finance, is to become Town Clerk. The Dame applauds this appointment. Mr Holgate enjoys a superlative reputation in the Council and will ensure the proper conduct of Council meetings. Even better news is that he will assume, in addition to his existing responsibilities for finance, information systems and property, the oversight of  planning, housing and policy.

Holgate said of his role, "it's different and not without challenges as an arcane point of order can pop up at any moment, so you really need to know your stuff and be on your toes."

A graduate of Trinity College, Cambridge, Mr Holgate had worked at HM Treasury for many years before becoming Chief Operating Officer at the Department for Culture, Media and Sport. He has worked for the Royal Borough for three years.

The Dame wishes this exemplar of a first class officer good luck in his new role.


  1. Good to see the Dame recognising excellence in this council. Yes, good guy and a gent

  2. A safe pair of hands. And clearly in line to be a future Chief Executive.

    Hasten the day

  3. Mr Holgate had better sharpen up his Council procedure rules because he will have to cover a range of situations.

    Fortunately the wild and stupid ex Cllr Phelps is no longer around to use the Chamber as a forum to bully fellow councillors and to libel residents. But the wild cow Weatherhead still needs to be controlled and the Mayor is not always up to it.

    Cllr Gardiner has had her turn as Mayor so the Chief Clerk will no longer have to cope with her totally inadequate handling of Council Meetings - what a sad experience she was to watch in action.

    Cllr Freeman has told friends that conduct at council meetings has not been moderated well in recent years - even allowing for the wild and uncontolled outbursts of Cllr Hoeir.

  4. Retired Chief Executive8 November 2011 at 10:29

    Mr Holgate has great pedigree and is probably at the height of his powers. But he needs to be a little more forceful at Committee meetings when he is presenting papers.

    His Treasury experience was an environment of intelligent and informed colleagues. But councillor stock can be more of a challenge. Cllr Todd Foreman may be an exception - his grasp of issues and common sense at committee meetings has impressed

  5. Good to see a "brain" in the Town Hall. Its been a while

  6. Cllr Foreman is a little too trans Atlantic for Kensington and Chelsea

  7. Up Yours
    That is an outrageously racist remark.
    Sir Merrick is German Jewish and Mr Myers Jewish. Would you dare make a similar remark about them in that tone.
    You should be banned for racism...go away

  8. Cllr Todd Foreman8 November 2011 at 14:21

    Dear Up Yours,

    Someone pays a compliment to my work as a Councillor and you reply with an attack on me that is based on nothing more than the fact that I am an immigrant. Your comment is discriminatory, racist and offensive.

    Like thousands of residents of the Royal Borough, I am an immigrant and a naturalised citizen. I have chosen to make the UK my home and I have every bit as much right to participate in public life and serve my community as anyone. It is quite right that the Council should reflect the diversity of the residents of the Royal Borough, and I am simply part of that. I hope that we see more people from diverse backgrounds putting themselves forward for election in the future. I should also point out that the voters of Notting Barns don’t agree with you, as they gave me a big majority at last year’s election.

    We know it’s hard for you, Up Yours, but you really might find it is in your interests to keep offensive remarks like this to yourself in future.

    Sincerely yours,

    Cllr Todd Foreman

  9. Well said Cllr Foreman.
    I just can't understand why Up Yours is allowed by the Dame to get away with his crassness. We know it is a Palmer

  10. Mr Holgate's appointment is reminiscent of a time when the Town Clerk was well respected and admired by Officers - Mr Alan Taylor. Congratulations to him ...!

  11. I would rather have 54 Foremans than 1 Driveller in the Council, that's for sure.

    What a silly little man he is.

  12. If "Up Yours" is indeed Cllr Palmer, it speaks volumes about his protector - the expenses guru Cllr Cockell

    Kensington and Chelsea would do well to be rid of them both

  13. Cllr Holt is hoping that the Hornet will go away so that he can return to his tranquil life.

    The Conservative "mode" is being disturbed without reason

  14. Mr Holgate is a gentleman and an intellectual. He is however the Town Clerk not the Town Clerk and Chief Executive, which is a great shame.


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