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Friday, 4 November 2011

The Rotten Borough 'Bentley Boys'

City grandee, John Nelson enjoys an illustrious City career spanning top positions in major banks.
He has no need for displays of grandiosity....

left: need to show off

He has now taken over as Chairman of Lloyd's of London. Being a man with little need to amplify his dignity, or that of the world's oldest insurance market, he has raised eyebrows by sending the chauffeur driven Mercedes limo back to the garage and replacing it with a Toyota Prius.

left: the 'wheels' of the chairman

As one insider said the only person sad about all the changes is the chauffeur who now has to drive the boss around in rather less status filled 'wheels'.

The Dame raises this as an object lesson to Sir Cockell. Cockell seems to think that the motor car makes the man. As Nelson's downsizing proves it doesn't. What it does say is this: if the oldest and most powerful insurance market in the world can replace it's limo with a Prius then so can RBK&C.
It is all about setting an example. That is true leadership. It is something our Leader has never managed to get his head around....


  1. yes, but the Prius would not be as cheap as the Bentley, according to Mr Myers

  2. K&C should sell the RBKC1 and RBKC2 number plates as well. Another £300k for the bank account and relief for council tax payers

    Why do we need these baubles?? And why do we need TWO Mayors?

  3. A Prius? In the Royal Borough?

    Dame, you are out of your mind!

  4. A quick search on google will tell you that the smartest Prius with room to give lifts to Tri-borough scallies would cost a mere £25k.

    Really, true class is not a Bentley.

    Those who know, know. And I think Status Quo knows too.

    Cockle - and Rock FM for that matter - don't know. Birth is NOT all.


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