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Friday, 4 November 2011

Off his Rocks

One has to hand it to Sir Cockell. He is determined that effete young Rock Fielding Mellen is the 'boy' to replace him.

       Below: Rock Fielding Mellen

This, despite the fact that he has done nothing in his short life to qualify him to lead the Rotten Borough. Up against tough guy Steven Greenhalgh, Fielding Mellen will be  history and the needs of K&C residents forgotten. The Tri Borough arrangement is one of the most flawed, ill thought through and dangerous of projects: it poses a grave threat to us, the residents. So one has to wonder why Merrick Cockell and Derek Myers are so keen to promote this young 'aristo' to the job.

Many conspiracy theories abound. Two have caught the attention of the Dame.

Socially, and without being snobbish, (surely, an impossibility for you Dame Ed) Myers is very much more at home in the Hounslow end of H&F.

He knows that in Steven Greenhalgh he has a ruthless and strategic brainbox-and a leader vastly superior to his puppet, Sir Cockell. So delivering a young ingenue like Rock Fm will score him many points with SG and also allow Derek to continue to operate as the Rotten Borough puppet master.

The other theory is that Sir Cockell is terribly impressed by the fact that Rock's stepfather is the Earl of Wemyss. Wemyss is a nice chap and, like Rock's mum, keen in 'cerebral experimentation'. Sir Cockell is very anxious to move in high, aristocratic circles. Wemyss has vast estates and doubtless-once Sir Cockell gets his peerage, he will expect to be invited to Downton Abbey style house parties.
It would be wrong for K&C residents to be sacrificed on the alter of Sir Cockell's social ambitions....

As part of the Myers/ Cockell strategy to elect young Rock they are sending him off on all sorts of errands. Here he is..
Rock FM looking self important

The Leadership race is on. Warwick Lightfoot is saddled up and ready for the off. However, with the clown Palmer as his 'trainer' the odds are not good for his chances.....


  1. Oh Lord. If Cockle gets caught up in the Downton Abbey Set, courtesy of the Black and Decker customers "Rock" and his step dad, the Bentley will NEVER br free for Mayoral use in K&C

  2. These are serious times and the Borough is facing a huge organisation disaster with the ill thought through "Tri Borough" project. The architects of the Tri Borough stupidity are Cllr Cockell (failed businessman and sole trader) and Derek Myers (one time social worker). Neither of them has any experience of joint venture integration, one of the most difficult arganisation challenges around.

    Chickens will come home to roost in Hornton Stret - just like they did with Chelsea Care and Holland Park Opera at Richmond Theatre. Both of which were authorised on the Cockell/Myers watch.

    The next Leader of K&C needs to be a tough guy who will be able to lead the troops back from disaster. And hold his own against the Hammersmith thug. This person is not Cllr Fielding-Mellen, cute though he is. We might as well have Cllr Holt as Leader.

  3. It would be a privelege to have the Earl of Wemyss (pronounced weims) in the family, so to speak.

    Most fitting for the Royal Borough

  4. I have taken a straw poll of Conservative counciloors and the money definately seems to be on Cllr Fielding-Mellen as the next Leader. Even Cllr Buxton (sometimes thought of as a potential candidate herself)is promoting Cllr Mellen and has promised early support. No doubt hoping to secure baubles in the Spring of 2012.

    The situation is incomprehensible to us birds of the night

  5. Retired Chief Executive4 November 2011 at 13:25

    Cllr Buxton was the sponsor of £1 million of losses in Chelsea Care. This is a seriously dangerous person who needs to be isolated.

    In my company, if it was too costly to fire them, we made people like this responsible for maintaining the Christmas Card list.

  6. Dear Owl,

    I have to agree, I find the rush to jump on Rocky's bandwagon rather puzzling. If it's baubles they're after, why can't people back one of the more credible candidates (like someone who has actually had a proper job at some point in their life).

    And am I the only one who finds the Palmer/Lightfoot alliance a little strange? I would have thought that Rock would be more to Up Yours's social climbing tastes, and frankly I would have credited Cllr Lighfoot with more sense.

  7. It would be a privelege to have the Earl of Wemyss (pronounced weims) in the family, so to speak.

    What is a PRIVELEGE? I think you need to do something about your appalling spelling. It is as bad as Cllr Palmers'...and that is really bad.

  8. The Earl may be welcome to the Family, Up Yours. He might even agree to drill a hole in your silly head to shut you up!

  9. Cllr Moylan would like his supporters to know that he read this blog with interest

  10. What a very pretty picture of young Rock. I wonder of Cllr Moylan will vote for him?

  11. Human Resources Dept4 November 2011 at 20:40

    What a good idea to put Cllr Buxton in charge of Christmas cards. The tactic works very well and is a good way to get rid of liability people.

    Suspend their K&C email account and no invitations to meetings. No papers from Officers. Just the Christmas card list. Their egos cannot cope and they resign in a short space of time.



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