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Monday, 7 November 2011

Fielding Mellen and the Reverse Alchemy Business

For years residents have had to endure a leader whose business acumen has been nil. This absence of business skill has left Merrick Cockell weak when taking decisions on how to spend resident's money. Holland Park School, Exhibition Rd, Holland Park Opera and, more latterly, Chelsea Care bear testimony to this. And we don't even include his inability to properly complete his expenses so we were never able to find out who he spent $400 dining with in New York.
Sir Cockell is now set upon foisting young Rock upon us. So the Dame has undertaken some research to see exactly what qualifications Rock has to manage a billion pound budget. The results are very concerning. Fielding Mellen is just 32.  He has not one iota of proper business experience. We are in tough times. We need a leader able to cope.

 Tough Times= Tough Leadership

Born 1979, he is 32, a child. He has no relevant work experience whatever.
LinkedIn says he is Director of Alro Group Ltd, but this company does not appear to exist any longer, at least they no longer file accounts and this isn’t mentioned in his Members’ Interests: 

Info from Members’ Interests: Rock  Feilding-Mellen&key=bguj9HrvkxxTidKXDYAGuQ==
We then take a look at Socially Conscious Capital Ltd. Again this seems to be somewhat amateurish. Based at his home it has just a £2,742 cash in the bank and net worth of £1,126.  
Besides Rock the directors are Dominic Lawson, Aldred Drummond, his Mum and step-Dad-a sort of family affair!

The next company is Melfield Developments Ltd:
This is an estate agency set up 2005. It has £30,000 cash at bank and negative net worth of £66,000. The office is at his Mum's on Chelsea Embankment.
Vilnius Investment Management Ltd:
This company was set up in 2009. It has cash in the bank of £2 bank and a net worth of £2. The office is based at Mum's on Chelsea Embankment.

-      set up 2007, cash at bank £0, net worth £1,000
-      cash 2008 £45,000, cash 2010 £0
-      office at Mum’s, Chelsea Embankment
Not much evidence here of a dynamic business career to date...
Residents need a Leader able to manage a complex business, which is what RBK&C is. There is no evidence here that Rock Fielding Mellen has the skills required, nor the maturity to lead a work force of thousands.
He comes with a major Health Warning. The Dame will be looking at other leadership contenders as time goes on


  1. Regardless of Cllr Fielding Mellen's personal qualities or lack of them; it is positively mediaeval for the Leader of the Council to seek to appoint his successor. We supposedly live in a 21st century democracy.

    On an equal footing; qualified candidates for Leader of the Council - who believe themselves capable of controlling a billion pounds of residents' funds - should publicly put their names forward & publicly offer their programmes for consideration by those qualified to vote in public.

  2. Agreed Gnat, but personally I am gobsmacked that someone with no life experience and no work experience WHATEVER could even be considered for such a role.

    Goodness - he couldn't even hold on to his position in St Charles Ward. And we all know why; he did no work there whatever! The odd photo call maybe ... which says it all really.

  3. Good work, Dame. Cllr Fielding Mellen is in my view not a credible candidate for Leader because of his lack of experience outside the Council, and his rather limited experience as a Councillor.

    He strikes me as the sort of Tory who thinks he was "born to rule" and to tell other people what is good for them. Has he ever had to work hard for anything in his life? Has he ever had to struggle to pay the electricity bill or to put food on the table? His privileged birth does not disqualify him, but I cannot see that he has ever done anything that does qualify him to lead the Council.

    The Conservative Group has far more credible options to replace Pooter. They should examine those options carefully.

  4. This is now beyond a joke. The Dame has done some basic digging and exposed a person of straw.

    Why did Cllr Cockell not do his due diligence before launching off into his campaign to promote the boy? Because he is a pathetic social climber with a political instinct that the conservative councillors in the Royal Borough will go week at the knees at the first sight of an upper crust.

    God help us. If this one fails, there is a Mosely lined up.

  5. Another clear sign that Cllr Cockell does not have an ounce of leadership in his bones.

    He even looks like a toad

  6. Steady on....

  7. Rock just got married and left the parents nest to move into his new home in North Kensington. Apart from that he seems to have infinite time to wonder around Hornton Street and organise jollies in Holland Park.

    The Park stuff is great, the Edwardian tradition of "good works". But he is getting under the feat of officers and clogging things up. In addition to getting up peoples noses with his arrogant manner.

    Take some advice lad. Go find a job.

  8. Cllr Fielding-Mellen is well meaning but does not add very much value. He needs a bit more experience.

  9. At school we had a word for the likes of Rock.....

  10. Cllr Moylan is head and shoulders above the declared pack (Ahern, Borwick, Coleridge, Lightfoot, Paget-Brown)

    The next four years is a time for a safe and tough pair of hands. With a brain.

  11. 14.23, Are you telling me that Rock only moved into his own place after he got married in his early 30s?

    Many young adults are forced to live at home due to financial necessity. Surely Rock could have afforded his own place. Did he just want someone to do his laundry for him?

  12. Yes Ladybird, but when you have a mahoosive estate in the country and a mahoosive family home on Chelsea Embankment whyever would you want to leave home? The only problem was persuading Mater and step-Pater to hand over the loot so he could be independent.

    Yes, we do get the irony.

    Isn't his Park Life project all about 'building resilience'. Purrlease.

    He does have a weak spot. He is so 'pretty' and 'charming' that people indulge his every whim, so he expects everything to fall into his lap. He absolutely cannot abide it if people stand up to him.

  13. 14.30

    You must be mad to promote Moylan. Disliked by fellow councillors. hated by officers and, after his bullying of residents over Sloane Square, reviled by voters.
    Tell us one thing that he had done. And don't mention Ken High Street or the money wasting on Exhibition Rd PLEASE

  14. Much of the comment in this blog is ill informed and some of it destructive. Cllr Cockell is a visionary and and an experienced politician. He did not get where he is by accident.

    He sees clearly that economics will force the merger of London Boroughs in the near future and is putting in place the steps to make this happen. The Leader of Hammersmith is vigorous and has built a track record. He is a natural for a merged "Royal Borough of Kensington, Chelsea and Hammersmith". By arranging the succession in K&C to a younger less experienced person (Cllr Mellen) pointless in fighting and conflict will be avoided. Mellen will be the natural "Deputy" to Hammersmith and he can learn on the job.

    It is a "win win".

    For reasons that are well understood to insiders, Westminster is standing back from the first phase of integration. They can join later when it is more convenient.

  15. Dear Mosquito, if Cllr Fielding Mellen cannot abide people standing up to him, that probably is a result of an upbringing where it was instilled in him that he is of a "better" class than most. Also throw in the fact that he doesn't have any real business experience and he must feel deeply insecure when confronted with people who have actually had to work their way up in the world.

    If he has any self-awareness at all, he should know that he is being over-promoted and that he would be out of his depth as Leader.

    And by the way, when I mentioned better options for Leader, I did NOT mean Cllr Moylan.

  16. Fly on the Wall
    you are such a hoot!You cheered up a gloomy Monday. The idea of Pooter Cockell as a 'visionary'is just fantastic. If he were a 'visionary' he would have seen the writing on the wall with Chelsea Care instead of blowing a million quid on a shambles. If he were a visionary he would have foreseen the reaction to spending $400 on a greedy dinner for two with the convict, Ian Clement. The list goes on...
    Hopefully, if he is has any vision he will resign as soon as possible.
    Turning to the boy Mellen.. the idea that someone, whom the officers see as out of his depth, being able to lead fellow coucillors, officers and residents is just risible. And you must be stupid to think that he can 'learn on the job'. It is not a apprentice
    As for how Cockell got the job and stayed for so long. The answer to the first part is that he was preferred over Moylan-so a default situation. How he stayed so long is down to his ability to use SRA's to bear off any challenge. Cockell is stale and Fielding Mellen out of his depth

  17. This what happens when flies smoke pot.

    Fly on The Wall or Fly on The Floor?

  18. Cockell as visionary is of course laughable.

    Our Bentley boy is a bog standard councillor - take what you can when nobody is looking. After 14 years the list is endless. Weekends in New York, Boston and San Francisco. Five Star hotels and First Class travel. Meals for friends at the Four Seasons. All courtesy of the tax payer.

  19. The idea of Hammersmith taking over K&C is a travesty.

    A final act of treachery being developed by Cllr Cockell. I hope that Conservative councillors will make sure that the plan is stopped in its tracks

  20. Too late 21.38. The deal is done and K&C is now firmly in the grip of H&F. All the senior officers are 'hosted' by H&F, as the euphemism puts it. So Cockell can go to the HoL having made the Royal Borough history.

  21. For reasons that are well understood to insiders, Westminster is standing back from the first phase of integration. They can join later when it is more convenient.

    7 November 2011 16:32

    They seem rather reluctant to join the party.Looks like Barrow is on the ropes anyway.I hope you are not a cllr.You sound mentally well below par!

  22. The residents of St Charles Ward sent Fielding-Mellen packing but Cllr Cockell could not bear to lose one of his social meal tickets on the back benches. So he slipped Rock into Holland Ward as soon as the awful Lady Hanham decided to vacate and concentrate on the House of Lords.

    Funny this. Pooter also slipped Cllr Quentin Marshall into Brompton Ward when nobody was looking. Quentin promptly bought a scooter and rushes to and fro to Hornton Street from his Chelsea pent house. Dynamic.....

  23. Cllr Marshall is out of work too

  24. Why on earth does Pooter keep on chasing these pubescent public school boys boys to be Tory councillors in Hornton Street?

    Emma Heseltine would be a much better recruit - she knows all about the sharp end of politics. And what a lovely person to deal with.

  25. Dame Hornet agrees....Emma H nears a very close resemblance to her very dear great,great grandchild. Dear, now I have give the Dame's age away...she will be most upset with me.

    Dame Hornet's Head of Wardrobe

  26. 18.17, Marshall may well be out of a job but he is another 'golden child', ie, loaded.

    His unemployment won't stop him going off to Argentina for a month in January to PLAY POLO, will it? He's played with Prince William, and smirks whenever he thinks of it. Repulsive reptile (Marshall that is).

  27. Mummy's boy Cllr Quentin Marshall (Winchester and Oxford)wishes more than anything to make it to Westminster.But it is the 21st Century and the pent house, polo and silver spoon are out of step with the political times. Over a drink or two Q confides to friends that he wished he could be black and lesbian....

    In the meantime he makes do with the Sherlock Holmes stalker jacket that flaps wonderfully on the scooter. And when the polo is absent he hurries to daddy's place in Portugal for long weakends. As often as not the dear boy forgets his passport and gets turned back at Gatwick

    What a life,,,,

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