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Tuesday, 15 November 2011


 left: Conran...rolled over Moylan

Sir Terence Conran is having a good old laugh at how he managed to extract £2.6 million from the taxpayers of the Rotten Borough last night. Perhaps an FOI to see which of our councillors had enjoyed his hospitality is now in order. So who were the Moylan sycophants who bowed down to him at the expense of taxpayers of the Borough?
Well, a big thank you to Cllrs Buckmaster, Blakeman and Foreman for their valiant effort to save our £2.6 million from going down the plughole.
Now to the turncoats. The Dame has been told that to be fair to Cllr Taylor she intended to vote against the loan, but was overwhelmed by 'Danny Boy' Moylan.
The Dame can sympathise...BUT her job is not to placate Moylan. Her job is to follow her conscience.  To allow herself to be pushed around shows no stamina or character

Then there is that apology for an opposition, Cllr Jones. The Dame is beginning to see less and less of the point of the Lib Dems:utterly useless as an opposition, and of no value to those who voted them in.
So gutless when asked to jump by Cockell or Moylan they ask how high.
The Lib Dems are becoming a shame on the Borough. Whereas in Cllrs Blakeman and Dent Coad we are seeing fighting spirit.


  1. Freeman or Foreman? I expect both of them are unhappy about this one, Freeman also being incorruptible

  2. From what I hear this guy Freeman is totally incorruptible. Some say that this is the reason his talents as a top flight corporate lawyer have never been utilised by the brilliant Pooter.

  3. You raise a good point re: Cllr Jones, Dame. Can someone please remind me, what exactly IS the point of the Royal Borough's three Lib-Dem Councillors? I have forgotten completely.

  4. Ladybird. Why do you ask? What the Chinese used call running dogs. The Conservative Party's running dogs

  5. The idea of our Council, which is supposed to look after the way our taxes are spent, making an unsecured multi £ million loan to a super rich bunch of people is a disgrace.

    I thought it was impossible for these things to happen in a democracy

  6. Is Moylan the boss? What does he think he is doing?

    Who is giving this man advice? What is going on in his head?

  7. Cllr Freeman has always impressed me as a fine and upstanding person. A Ward councillor who can always be relied on to show an interest, try to help residents, and tell it like it is.

    Not a profile that fits with the Dictator


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