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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Cockells' Coalition Partners

Above: Cllr Linda Wade on the day she was elected to serve residents.....

These three Lib Dem councillors have done nothing to stick up for residents.
For all the good they have done they might as well join the Majority Group.
At least they then they might be assured of getting the SRA they so craved-for
being an Opposition Group!

Below: Cllr 'Brainless of Britain' Jones and Cllr Caruana


  1. What a sad looking bunch of chumps. Obviously Vince cable had nothing to do with selection of these useless peoples' Representatives

    Big lost opportunity

  2. They figured out that if they toe the line there are fat SRA's coming their way.

    Hasten the replacement of Cockell by Moylan. He will screw them

  3. Moylan is a very dubious character and is not fit to be leader

  4. Hornet Benefactor16 November 2011 at 14:23

    I have just been catching up on recent blogs and noticed the absurd information from Cllr Holt that the Hornet has been "taken over by the Labour Group"

    What piffle. The man is an idiot full of wishful thinking

    In fact the backbone of the Hornet are Tory backwoods men. Probably the same bunch that deserted Major when he showed that he could not lead the Conservatives. But he was honest.

    In fairness, K&C is a different scenario. Brain dead Conservatives and a Leader with his snout buried deep in the trough

  5. For reasons best known to themselves; the Kensington & Chelsea Liberal Democrats decline to engage with the Hornet. This is a mistake. Although very noble; it leaves them open to grossly unfair attacks from the Labour group and others. The Lib Dems are a small, hardworking group of councillors; who would be well advised to join the Dame in reminding us of the very evident failings of others over very many years.

  6. Perhaps I could speak up in defence of Councillor Wade. I think she is an excellent, hard working ward councillor. She has not gone in for bashing the opposition, but the greatest recomendation I can give her is that her fellow ward councillors are very fearful that her hard work could well result in the loss of their seats at the next election.


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