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Wednesday, 14 June 2017

The Kensington Chelsea Foundation Giving Page


Grenfell Tower Tragedy 

We are all devastated by the news of the terrible fire at Grenfell Tower and our thoughts are with everyone affected.

We have launched an appeal for funding with support from London Funders and the London Emergency Trust Fund. To donate please click here and when you have indicated the amount you wish to donate, tick the box Grenfell Tower Appeal. Every penny we raise will go to those affected.

Thank you to those who have offered immediate needs support such as food, shelter, toiletries and bedding. We are co-ordinating what has already been received with our charity partners and will advise if we need more.


  1. Ensure that all Grenfell Tower Tenants & Residents are rehoused there when it is rebuilt

  2. Why weren't the empty 'units' on Wornington Green opened up as soon as this disaster occurred?

    Prioritising money over people has led to this disgusting event and continues to exacerbate it. Catalyst Housing, the hopeless idiots, could make wonderful PR out of this but their miserable little penny pinching, which has already caused the deaths of elderly people forced to move, just carries on. Open the doors, Catalyst! You're supposed to HOME PEOPLE!

  3. Eddie Grenfell should be knighted for all of his work.


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