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Sunday, 18 June 2017


In 2013 the leader of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea was none other than that awful
political poseur, Sir Merrick 'Pooter' Cockell.
Pooter had a phenomenal record for expense claiming on international 'fact finding' sprees...until the Dame put a stop to his little games killing off his hopes of a peerage.
Pooter Playing Elder Statesman!

Money mad Pooter was at one time triple jobbing on the taxpayer to such an extent that he was earning more than the PM!

Nothing gave Pooter greater pleasure than being driven around in the mayor's new Bentley and hobnobbing with rich property magnates.

Not bad for an ex-fag salesman with not a qualification to his name. 
Pompous Pooter has now re-invented himself as a lobbyist and an adviser to PA Consulting (thanks to his mate, Jon Moynihan)
Obviously, the last thing Pooter wants is to be dragged into the Grenfell Tower tragedy so we need to make clear this threatening letter, to Eddie Daffern of Grenfell Action Group, was sent out in July 2013 and Pooter resigned in May, 2013 so that's ok then....



  1. Everyone should read the "Independent" article. (Follow the link.) Council tenants write to RBKC to complain that their homes are lethal. RBKC's sole response is to threaten the public with legal action. This tells us all we need to know about RBKC and its attitude towards those perceived as the "poor."

  2. Where is everyone? This may be both the the greatest, preventable loss of life as well as the greatest political scandal London has witnessed in our lifetimes.

    The Tories are weeping and wailing pints of crocodile tears. Is no one to defend Horton Street?

    1. They have no compa§ion.

  3. It's Whoreton Street!

  4. Dame,if you had any credibility at all you would be calling for the resignat ion of Nick Paget Brown, Rock Fielding Mellon, Gavin Barwell,Theresa May. In actual fact all Conservative's on the Council. They have blood on their hands.I am still meeting people on the ground who are lacking help. This is the most heinous crime and the Conservatives by nature are trying to blame everyone else. Stop sitting on the fence and be real. Outrageous that Paget Brown has tried to sat residents didn't want sprinklers. A lie. Prove it Paget Brown , cos it's a lie. Eddy Daffarn who is traumatised at nearly losing his life has asked me to ask Nick to prove it. No humanity from the Conservatives.Hand your heads in shame. Your administration is responsible for the deaths of 200 people. The Community know this is the approximate figure . One nation Toris where are you

    1. Let stop mucking around this is Hillsborough by another name. We will not wait 15 years for justice. Public enquiry until those responsible are old or dead.We need justice now.

    2. 'Dame, if you had any credibility at all? Who the hell do you think you are 00.37?
      This blog has spent seven years fighting this council. It has been a voice for Grenfell Action Group and many, many action groups.
      Don't you dare start telling the Dame what she should or should not do.
      And, what have you ever done?

    3. Hear, hear mam! Theresa May has nothing to do with this, purely local corruption.

      Officers and heads of departments need to be looked at closely. Many people naming Jonathan Bore for one and head of Enviromental health too! It is a far far better thing...that they go!

      Dame has always looked out for us residents, if it was not for her many things would still be carrying on. Many years ago the reason we found the GAG blog was because the Dame posted on this issue years ago.

  5. They always brand resident groups as 'troublemakers'

  6. This is vintage Hornton Street. The tragedy of Grenfell Tower needs to be used the blow the rodents out of the water and out of Kensington.

  7. They also always threaten angry residents with legal action. Last year a small group of residents objected to the Council's accounts, merely over the misuse of public funds. The only response to this complaint was to threaten the residents with criminal prosecution. Meanwhile the real criminals are sitting in Whoreton Street conspiring to push the surviving Grenfell victims out of the Rotten Borough!

    Grenfell is not Hillsborough. Locals will not wait decades for justice. Downing Street is within walking distance of N. Kensington, an area home to hundreds of journalists. RBKC's desire to rid itself of the expense of caring for the poor is so strong, they've started to kill them.


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