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Friday, 23 June 2017


The Guardian reports that Sir Delboy Myers and mate, Tony Rice, have resigned from Shelter.
Delboy is a particularly obnoxious fellow who twisted the none too bright Pooter Cockell around his finger.
How Delboy ever landed the £260k a year job running K&C is a massive mystery considering his own qualification as a mere social worker. 
That these two 'characters' ever got 'K's is a crushing inditement of the Dishonours System.

Thanks to RBKC residents Delboy is the recipient of a massive pension. 
Something smells very bad here. 
The BIG question is whether Delboy and Rice knew each other prior to joining Shelter


Two board members of the housing charity Shelter, including its chairman Sir Derek Myers, have resigned amid reports of internal disquiet over the organisation’s allegedly muted response to the Grenfell Tower fire.
Myers is a former chief executive of Kensington and Chelsea council, which owns Grenfell Tower, while trustee Tony Rice is chairman of Xerxes Equity, the sole shareholder in Omnis Exteriors – the company that sold the cladding used in the tower.
On Friday afternoon, Shelter confirmed the pair had resigned from the board but offered no reasons for their departure.
STATEMENT from Shelter’s interim chief executive, Graeme Brown, said: “Tony Rice has resigned as a trustee of Shelter and the chair of the board of trustees, Sir Derek Myers, has also resigned. The role of trustee is entirely voluntary and unpaid, and we wish them the best for the future.”
Asked subsequently to explain the joint resignations, a Shelter spokesperson said: “The trustees decided to step away from their roles in the interests of the charity. They would not want there to be any unnecessary distraction from the work we are doing to help people affected by the Grenfell fire.”
The Guardian has seen an internal staff email from Shelter union representatives sent earlier this week. It notes that although Shelter’s frontline services had been quick to provide practical help to those affected by the fire, many staff had expressed discontent that the charity “had been slow to speak publicly about the event”.
The email said the reps had raised staff and public concerns over possible reasons for Shelter’s apparent silence to management at a routine meeting this week.
A Shelter spokesperson said it had made several media statements over the past few days concerning the Grenfell fire and the needs of former residents of the tower who needed rehousing. Its website has a four-paragraph press release made on 16 June, two days after the blaze, calling for a full investigation of the fire.
Shelter added that it continued to provide free expert advice to anyone in the country who needed help with bad housing or homelessness, including Grenfell Tower residents whose homes were damaged or destroyed by the fire.

The Guardian say that as far as its aware there is no insinuation of any wrong doing 


  1. So Delboy Myers pops up in all this. Delboy, some long have you known Rice whose investee company supplied the cladding?

  2. FORGET WHO I AM23 June 2017 at 23:36

    Sir Delboy....could you tell us if you have socialised much with Rice?

  3. I hate Myers too - he reneged on a verbal promise made to me.

  4. The whole debacle has acquired a heavy stench of corruption in many places. Camden claims that 'they were mislead in relating to the quality of the cladding' appears that Camden paid for the dearer cladding, but were fobbed with cheaper crap... Who has pocketed the difference between the two qualities?I think it is appropriate for these rats to have resigned... time will provide more revealing information, which may implicate many serving Councillors in the Nest. as for Meyers, was he not the 'inventor' of the Tri-Borough arrangement, which has now gone so, so awfully sour?

    1. What we're all about to discover is just how poor procurement and contract management practices are in the Council housing sector.

      From my own personal experience what tends to happen is that the well thought through specification for works drawn up by the Council becomes completely irrelevant once a contractor has been awarded the contract and turns up on site. They will turn up on day one and slowly but surely cut every possible corner so as to ensure a healthy profit for themselves. By the time the works are completed the original specification and the completed works bear little more than a passing resemblance to each other, the contractor having had their way with the staff supposedly managing and monitoring the contract who are, at best, completely out of their depth.

      And that's ignoring the very real possibility of brown envelopes.

    2. This will also bring up the backhanders councillors and officers took from those companies making the tender

    3. ...'completely out of their depth'... that may be so. However, I think that they are/were well aware of what is/was 'contracted' and what was 'supplied'. and that's when the fat brown envelopes come in - to wallpaper over the discrepancies.. Unfortunately, as with many other things, there is NO independent oversight or audit. Since Cameron got rid of the Audit Commission, who were pretty useless at best, there is no impartial audit of anything... This problem also applies to a very large degree to the prescribed/agreed social care and the actual care provided. The Council, especially Ms Baillie, can do exactly as they feel fit.... Posts on this blog confirm this thought.

  5. As usual Dame is taking names and kicking arse!

    Dame this link is better for the press release

  6. Final thought in this very busy post:
    If Omnis Exteriors were the exclusive suppliers of these toxic cladding panels to all of the Council, who was aware that there was a difference in the 'filler'? Camden claims that they were supplied with something different from what they ordered/paid for. Who was aware of this wonderful earner? Someone, somewhere, must have recorded the 'profit' realised and perhaps paid a commission from this difference.... The mire thickens and truly stinks....will time provide the needed answers? Perhaps...


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