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Sunday, 4 June 2017


Super taxing already heavily taxed homes is anathema to all homeowners so P86 in the Labour Party Manifesto needs to be explained not tucked away on the basis of out of sight, out of mind.
When that frightful old Lib Dem dancing bore, Sir Vincent Cable, first came up with the mansion tax, Emma Dent Coad appeared on telly correctly saying it was unfair and confiscatory.

Just because M/s Mullin lives in much less expensive Lambeth doesn't mean she can ignore the fears of ordinary homeowners in Kensington whose properties have soared in value due to the influx of foreign money and inflation.

The Dame being a bit of an old Leftie, doesn't normally read the Telegraph but being an old widow on a fixed income she read this story with horror LINK


  1. KEMPSFORD KAMPAIGNER5 June 2017 at 03:47


    Earls Court are going to be taxed for bins they do not want by Cllrs Spalding and Aouane attempting to make Paladin's permanent in Penywern Road, Kempsford and Eardley Crescent.

    We already lose spaces to builders and other commercial vehicles who park in residents’ bays all day stopping residents parking not only in their own roads but area. We have already lost spaces to these bins and bike racks.

    Aouane and Spalding plan to:

    1. Paint the bins in corporate black, to be consistent with other street furniture
    2. bins will be anchored so that it is impossible for people to move them from their designated location.
    3. Enclosures constructed so that the bins are more secure and the aesthetics improved. THIS WOULD COME AT A COST.
    4. ONLY three to four parking bays will be required for the bins to be placed permanently.

    The whole thing has been a costly failure which is to further incur thousands of taxpayers' pounds but Dame who benefits from this? Not residents! A number over £100,000 has claimed to have been spent on these bins and increasing at a fast rate.

    Fly tipping and rubbish dumping will supposedly be “Improved by signage would installed at each bin location explaining their use and the penalties for misuse. As well as "details for our “Too Big for The Bin” service would also be advertised on the signage, to help abate bulky waste dumping.”

    We all know from our experiences across Kensington and Chelsea this does not work and would mean thousands spent on a dedicated council teams to tackle infringements!

    “An enhanced and permanent monitoring regime would be implemented by the Contracts and Enforcement Team. Enforcement action would be taken where offences were observed.” Why then have residents in these three roads been fined heavily for parking near these bins in their OWN roads. Residents in these roads should have the money put back into their accounts.

    There has been no public consultations by Aouane or Spalding, who do not live in these roads, but appear to be helping out a pal by dishing out cash from the public purse. Who is this pal?

    Dame you said Corbyn will increase tax for all of us in K&C but for Earls Court residents voting Conservative means paying more tax for pointless bins!!!

    Have a word in Lady Borwick’s ear, Spalding & Aouane are a liability and losing her votes!

    1. 800 residents were consulted
      83% support in Penywern
      74% support in Eardley
      69% support in Kempsford
      See the published report here:

  2. I have my Labour Party Manifesto before me – and the bit to which I think the Dame refers on page 86 states: “We will initiate a review into reforming council tax and business rates and consider new options such as a land value tax, to ensure local government has sustainable funding for the long term”. It is quite mischievous, therefore, of the Dame – or more probably Ludo – to interpret this as “super-taxing already heavily taxed homes” or as constituting a “garden tax”. Indeed, in Kensington and Chelsea we have huge sums available to chuck away on Exhibition Road, Opera Holland Park, Dovehouse Street, Leighton House, subsidies to private prep schools, etc., etc. so we are hardly going to be stung by this.
    Labour is only promising a review – much as Mrs May is only promising a review of how much money she will claw back from property owners when they need long term care, i.e. the “dementia tax” – which really will hit property-rich, cash-poor older people in our borough. So please, Dear Dame, stop using Ludo as your research assistant and have a good look at the policies of all thee the parties with your normally forensic skills!

  3. Why is the Dame persisting in republishing speculations in parts of the Tory press? In its manifesto, Labour is only mentioning a review of how council's should be financed in the future, where land value instead of property value could be a basis.

    Anyone interested in the facts about this not proposed Land Value Tax, should read this article, published by Full Fact, the independent fact-checking charity, on 31 May:

  4. Can we please have a statement from Victoria Borwick about why she supports the cuts to our neighbourhood policing teams in the light of London Bridge, especially as so many youth attending Holland Park School have gone to fight for ISIS and indeed have been killed? Can we have a statement from Emma Dent Coad about the scathing remarks she and her sidekick Councillor Mason have made about Prevent and how useless and damaging it is, given that Quilliam have said that if it is axed, we are more vulnerable to terror attacks?

  5. So Victoria Borwick has chickened out of tonight's hustings and is sending Malcolm Spalding instead. This just says it all - at least residents can ask him about the Earl's Court paladins!

    1. From Evening Standard Londoners Diary:

      "Heckled Borwick retreats from view

      WHEN Tory MP Victoria Borwick arrived at the Kensington hustings in Notting Hill last week, she was not well-received: candidates from rival parties attacked her voting record and she was heckled. But we hear that she won’t take the chance to hit back: she will not attend the second hustings, taking place tonight at St Cuthbert’s in Earls Court’s Philbeach Gardens. She could be forgiven: Lib-Dem hopeful Annabel Mullin criticised Borwick’s position on clean air measures, while Labour candidate Emma Dent Coad drew attention to her Brexit stance. Councillor Malcolm Spalding will attend in her place. Evidently, her seat is up for grabs after all."

      When was the last time a Conservative MP for Kensington has come under such scrutiny from ES?

    2. Lady Borwick chickened out of tonight's hustings at St Cuthbert's. Cllr Spalding stood in for her and did a great job further alienating the electorate. Shame on Borwick for not having the guts to show her face at these hustings!

  6. Let’s get this straight. When Boris Johnson became Mayor of London he immediately disbanded Safer Neighbourhood Teams across London, including in Kensington and Chelsea. They were teams of 8-10 officers including PCSOs in each ward. They were fantastic; they got to know all the local youth; they knew who was potentially dangerous and who was just being silly. The Tory councillors mocked the PCSOs, even though our Council funded some of them. Having been on patrol with them, I can assure the Dame that they were fantastic and they knew exactly what was going on locally. Crime rates fell significantly. Only after these teams were disbanded did pupils at Holland Park School become radicalised – and we know many of them went to the Middle East, where several were killed. We don’t know what is happening to those who have returned.


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