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Tuesday, 27 June 2017


Dear Dame 

You could not make it up as ex Cllr Phelps was wont to say when not circulating salaciously captioned images of young boys on the RBKC server....until you, dear Dame, ended his council career.

Nick Paget-Brown's reaction to the fire is to reshuffle the Cabinet.
The utterly useless Cllr 'Silly Lizzy' Campbell has gone off on a sabbatical helping her hubby organise the America's Cup. 
Will she still be claiming her £40k a year allowance?

Cllr Wills takes over responsibility for Families and Children( one of the few good members)

Catherine Faulks joins the Cabinet, Education,and 

Mary Weale now in charge of Finance having been 'let go' from her job as an insurance broker.
The £40k a year allowance will come in handy as income replacement.

Cllr Lightfoot is now in charge of Adult Social Care-a great job for a man who likes a tipple! 
You can see for yourself TIPPLED?

And the awful Warrick continues with purchasing when not being assaulted with a dog poo bag. LINK

And the statement “not the right time to change the Deputy Leader” who is working hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The two Tims swap jobs

All of this is hardly believable.

Talk about rearranging the deckchairs...

"your loyal reader"


  1. Cllr Lightfoot comes across as a thoroughly unlikable person in the video but I guess this merely confirms what many employees already think.

    Arrogance before a fall?

  2. This is unbelievable. The Titanic analogy is spot on - the (unsinkable) ship that went down with huge loss of life. 1343 souls.

    Faulks in the Cabinet is an insult to the universe. This Councillor is known from Norland and Campden and is considered a joke by her fellow Ward Councillors. Where on earth did piggy take his references?

  3. Campbell takes a sabbatical ("Holland Park School cost nothing") and Weale takes over the Finance portfolio ("We agreed to listen but not to hear")

    Says it all really.

    1. Paget-Brown is to be applauded for getting rid of Cllr Elizabeth Campbell from the Cabinet. He dressed it up as a sabbatical for her to help her husband do his job. Best of luck to the Campbell family but a huge sigh of relief for the long suffering residents of Kensington and Chelsea.

      Any notion that the airhead will return to the Cabinet at some future date needs to be taken with a pinch of salt.

  4. Follower of Cll Mellen28 June 2017 at 07:20

    Piggy hangs on to Rock but the hopeless Mellen gets the message loud and clear from North Kensington residents. He and his family have had to flee their Kensington home for their own safety......

    Does piggy read about these things? Does he understand these things? Is he connected up?

  5. Paget Brown has clearly taken leave of his senses. The vile little Lightfoot has spent years squirrelling away our cash, thereby ensuring RBKC is at once the wealthiest borough in the country and the one with an outstanding record for killing its residents. Failure to ensure the life of RBKCs children is presumably seen as an appropriate qualification for running adult social care. On the other hand, some years ago due to the lack of services provided. a report was published stating that RBKC was the worst place in the country in which to die. So perhaps the fit is perfect.

    As for the repellent RFM remaining in post, one's sole response is to request yet another vomit bowl. One is in danger of running out of such receptacles in respect of the travesty that is RBKCs response to the Grenfell atrocity.

  6. Fiddling whilst Rome burns. In our case literally.

  7. Unless Piggy and Rock stand down i fear it will lead to more social unrest. Do the decent thing and resign both of you .

  8. Completely out of touch Politicians . Have they no morals. Do they not understand their ideology of treating people as though they were extras in a Charles Dickens novel is over. The estate is dictating to the Landlord - GO - the pair of you . People on the street blame you both.

  9. The comment about Catherine Faulks has been removed. She doesn't use her title and has been been helping Grenfell Tower residents on a daily basis. She was also hugely hardworking in the fight against Newcombe Tower. We must praise where praise is due

    1. Hillgate Village Resident28 June 2017 at 14:39

      Dont recall Cllr Faulks being any help at all with Newcombe Tower. She came to some meetings but always seemed confused. Just spinning her wheels. Victoria Borwick MP was a different story. A great help to the team with advice and encouragement that helped to get the proposal thrown out at Planning Committee.

  10. All said above... it is only matter of time before these vile people will go over the horizon... lock, stock and barrel. I think the inquiry and the rest will be instrumental in their demise...will we miss them? Think not....

  11. Its awful that it took such a horrific event , managed by these Buffoon's to bring people to their sense's . The whole Cabinet should stand down .


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