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Friday, 30 June 2017


A reader comments....
"It's time for the Government to immediately install Commissioners to run RBKC. It's clearly beyond running itself. No Leader or Deputy Leader and no Chief Executive. It's not a time for the usual RBKC round of musical chairs, where one peculiar specimen of manhood changes places with another. Horton Street's stench of rottenness has at last exploded into the street. Talking of rotten. OMG Moylan is now on Channel 4 doing his sanctimonious best to ensure takes over the Council. He should get an Oscar. Moylan as Leader of the Rotten Borough would be the worst possible result for both the survivors of Grenfell and for the rest of us. He's the ultimate self-serving creep. Anyone but Moylan."

Residents of Kensington & have endured enough.
The council tax paying resident should be sending a strong message about who they want to repair the self-inflicted damage.
Every past Cabinet member bears collective responsibility and that includes Cllr Moylan who, for many years, was a powerful force in the Council and Cabinet.
His crocodile tears fool no one. 
He hold residents in complete contempt. As he has so often said, " we know best'.
Unless the Council is put into Special Measures you, the resident, will have little opportunity to influence how the council reforms itself.
This is the moment for residents to look at the composition of the Majority Group and decide who is the best of the bunch.
The names being bandied about are anathema to those with any intelligence.
Even the utterly useless Elizabeth Campbell is putting herself forward, despite being 100% responsible for the children's transport fiasco! 
Is she really someone residents want?

This Council needs a leader who can work successfully with the minority parties and represent all residents.
Daniel Moylan despises residents and has views on the EU that make Nigel Farage seem like a Europhile. 
Is he really the right man to man to restore the confidence of residents? 
Most unlikely...

Above and beyond a leader of probity this council needs a first class Chief Executive. It also needs to revert to the Committee System: the Cabinet system is a disaster.

So come on, dear Hornet readers...who do you want to lead our council?


  1. The resignations are fake. Nick Paget-Brown and Rock FM are still councillors. Robert Black is "stepping aside" to "focus on the investigation", which appears to mean he remains on salary at the TMO, hiding behind the scenes.

    1. 20.47.

      How dare the TMO announce that Robert Black is stepping aside "to focus on the investigation" being undertaken by Lord Justice Moore-Bick. It is a pity that Robert Black did not focus on the many failings of the TMO before the Grenfell Tower disaster. He had fair warning by way of numerous complaints (not to mention the concerns of Grenfell Tower residents) of the many failings of the TMO. All that the TMO needs to do is tell the enquiry the truth.

      Can anyone enlighten me what type of "focus" would be necessary for the TMO to enable the eminent Lord Justice of Appeal in the Ordinary to get to the truth of the tragedy that resulted in around eighty people dying.?

  2. We're set to become the junior party of the bi-borough come April 2018. Might as well bring it forward and make Nickie Aiken leader and Charlie Parker Chief exec.

  3. We need Government Commissioners to take over responsibility for Grenfell and all that stems from it. They must also take a good long look at RBKC's various fiefdoms and at the books. Endless crooked schemes of all kinds have gone on unhindered for decades in Horton Street. Then there are the ashes of the Bi-borough fiasco to deal with. The task is massive. None of the current bunch of troughing, self-serving councillors have the stomach for the task. We desperately need experts in Horton Street; people who believe the law exists to be obeyed, rather than treating it as an inconvenience to be ignored in the social-cleansing and money-laundering capital of Europe. RBKC is irredeemably rotten, and will remain so until such radical action is taken to clean it up. This includes the resignation of all current councillors. Current senior officers should also be made to re-apply for their jobs. Then the lower ranks. Proper, professional staffing levels must be re-established and then both old and new council candidates can seek election next year.

  4. Some councillors are hard working and decent , I wouldn't want to see them all thrown to the wolves when they are an asset to the residents.

  5. Anon 21:31: right on. Commissioners, with NO connection to RBKC, however small, MUST be appointed to act as caretakers of everything and anything that may be construed as 'Council' business.
    Proper, thorough AUDIT by the National Audit Office must also be conducted. There have been many unsavoury financial events over the years. Even worse since Cameron's abolition of the useless Audit Commission.
    An extra-ordinary local elections should be called to get rid of all the rotten Councillors... It is far too long to wait until next year. The Tory party can and MUST do its duty to force this event.

  6. Just on 11 o'clock news: some nameless faceless woman has suggested that the current Councillors should elect the new CEO and a Leader. This MUST NOT happen. The Commissioners MUST take ever asap and it will be for the Councillors to elect their leader, NOT the rotten debris.

  7. Should Commissioners not intervene as they now surely must, the other likely Plans Z, Z and Z make NPB and the repugnant Rock Paper-Scissors look like Churchill and Disraeli by comparison. Might as well have a Poundland plastic sieve in charge.

  8. Sajid Javid's reluctance to sent in the cavalry may be due to a possible cover up and what he was aware of way before the fire....
    in short: Grenfell may become Hillsboro.....

  9. If K and C residents do not take this opportunity to demand Commissioners then the rotten bunch will continue in Hornton Street.


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