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Friday, 16 June 2017


The Dame as a young gal with
her hunter, Pooter

When the Dame was a young lady(yes, many decades ago) she was a member of a West Country county council.

That council had two striking and defining features:

  • It successfully operated on the old Committee system
  • It had a very healthy grouping of independent members

Many sensible people are wondering whether councils dominated by one political grouping actually work.
There have been shocking examples of abuse of democracy on the parts of Labour and Lib Dem controlled councils so the K&C Conservatives are not alone.

What we need to see in K&C is a resurgence of independent candidates for it only in this way we will see a balancing of power. 
And, to reinforce that balancing of power, the return to the much-missed committee system where one hundred flowers were allowed to bloom.
On K&C we have seen excellent candidates sidelined for not towing the party line. 
This is bad for residents and bad for democracy.


  1. Common sense suggests that Councils should not be politicised. The issues for residents are not Party Political issues.

    Grenfell Tower is a case in point. What the situation requires is Leadership - a figurehead to take control and be visible. And an an organisation to co ordinate help, inform survivors and friends about progress and rehouse victims. Instead what we are seeing is paralysis, a remote and disconnected Council and deeply frustrated and angry residents. All of this is the product of a politicised, complacent and lazy Council. Councillors who are expert at shouting and insulting each other in the Council chamber but no use at much else.

  2. Retired Chief Executive17 June 2017 at 08:47

    Officers are well paid and Councillors go through a competitive selection process. As a group of people, they are almost certainly capable and "above average". Way above average. In my experience, the crucial ingredient is organisation structure and leadership. The right organisation structure can release energy and creativity and allow individuals to flourish, to create teams and respond to whatever it is they are supposed to do.

    The Dame is right. A different organisation in Hornton Street could delight all of us. Including Councillors and Officers.

  3. The idea of the young Dame riding Pooter is hilarious.

    1. The reverse is too horrendous to contemplate

  4. There is also a third option of an Elected Mayor (in addition to the alternative of a Cabinet system or Committee system). Elected Mayors seem to be the fashion of the moment and K&C should give consideration to this.

    It should be clear to all that the Cabinet system is not working in Hornton Street

  5. what we have now is not fit for pupose

  6. Local councils should be non-partisan, rather made up of independent men and women who know and understand local community issues. The country has become polarised in recent months with many forming entrenched points of view because they have been misled by a self interested political class. This is a time for communities to work together

  7. BBC 1 Andrew Marr show This morning talk of The Council being suspended or at the very least The leader and the Cabinet.


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