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Wednesday, 7 June 2017


Dear Dame

We know that you don't do mud slinging so will you lend a hand to stop people asking questions about how Miss Mullin can afford such a swish marketing(sorry election!) campaign.

I am sure her agent is well aware of all the various complex rules on election expenses but Miss Mullin is new to politics & may have been badly advised on what can/cannot be charged.
For example, using a public relations consultancy is chargeable-if one is employed.

Kind regards,

An 'old school' gentleman admirer

PS I am, like Sir Vincent Cable, a keen ballroom dancer. 
Would you care to whirl across the floor with me?


  1. So is she at it then ?

  2. A very slick campaign. And canny too. Big Lib Dem sign on pole at a house in Campden Hill Road RIGHT opposite the polling station. Brilliant.

    And quite a few of these billboards around the Borough. Puts the others to shame.

  3. She is certainly spending some money - or employing top, out of work, Lib Dem spinners. Probono work, much favoured by disgraced ex Leader Cllr Cockell (Sir)

  4. What's been swish? Leaflets through doors? Has there been some multimedia expose that all of us in the borough have missed?

    Olney's the one that has to worry. We could ask the same of Borwick who did not turn up to Mondays hustings.

    What was Victoria's North Ken engagement Dame?

    1. Spalding said she was visiting a school. Interesting. During purdah schools normally cancel political visits or make them balanced. Where's Borwick?

    2. It was half-term!

    3. I asked and was told "When they asked me last week I explained immediately that I had another resident's commitment that evening, but would get them another speaker which they said was fine.
      Tonight I was due to stand in for another candidate at another event so all these things are a bit haphazard, but that is the nature of these things."

  5. Labour Supporter7 June 2017 at 19:00

    Where is the Lambeth Interloper getting the money from.
    Mullin is a one trick pony. It's all about Brexit and SFA else.

  6. N Ken Labour Voter7 June 2017 at 22:47

    Very interesting they are spending money as if it is going out of fashion.

    1. The Inquisitor7 June 2017 at 23:13

      This is the trail....Tax dodging Branson is payrolling Gina Miller.....and who might Gina be bankrolling? We should be told.

    2. Does she live in Lambeth?


    How many constituents do you know have never had a response from Victoria Borwick on any matter? Personally I know plenty. I’m sure you do too. Close and very pally with Theresa May, she prefers to take time to persuade the Prime Minister to turn a blind eye to the ivory trade and be deeply relaxed about fox-hunting. Labour taking us back to the 1970’s? VB wants to take us back to the 1870’s...

    She can make time for a “passionate defence” of the ivory trade -which even Prince William is against- in the House of Commons but has no time for the Notting Hill Carnival which she has attacked relentlessly for many years. Want to know where her priorities lie?

    Check her record:
    Voted against laws to promote equality and human rights
    Voted against investigations into the Iraq war
    Voted against a right to remain for EU nationals already in living in the UK
    Voted against paying higher benefits over longer periods for those unable to work due to illness or disability
    Voted for more restrictive regulation of trade union activity
    Voted for reducing central government funding of local government
    Voted against more powers for local councils
    Voted for a stricter asylum system
    Voted for mass surveillance of people’s communications and activities
    Voted against measures to prevent climate change
    Voted against greater public control of bus services
    Voted for phasing out secure tenancies for life
    Voted against the Dubs amendment supporting child refugees in Syria…/victoria_…/kensington/votes

    To the Kings Road mob: yes, she’s a child of the South so you take her as one of your own. But isn’t she supposed to be the MP for all of the constituency? Never a sign of her north of High Street Ken, there’s not been even a single leaflet from the Tories in Golborne. Why’s that? Does she not care? The only time she speaks of North Kensington is when she’s attacking Carnival.

    Didn’t we vote Remain as a borough? She was one of Brexit’s top puppet masters, chief adjutant to Boris ‘Boo Hiss’ Johnson. It’s a family affair too: her son worked at Cambridge Analytica, the scandal ridden data mining company that had a deeply hidden hand in the Referendum result as well as the election of Donald Trump. Can we really vote for someone who doesn’t reflect our views, our values, who is the most strident of Hard Brexiters?

    For goodness sake, she couldn’t even be bothered to turn up to the second hustings having been laughed at and heckled during the first. And now she's been caught deleting messages from residents online she doesn't like. She does not respect us as constituents. She takes her majority for granted.

    It can be only so long before hypocrisy bites back. If you want to send a message you’re unhappy with the No Deal, Hard Brexit clique that currently controls the Tory Party, lend your vote to someone else. If you can’t do that, stay at home and tend to the aspidistra.

    But if you want to do more than just not vote Borwick and actually stop her returning to Parliament you must vote Labour. This will be one of the close ones. A vote for Lib Dems, Greens or anyone else returns Borwick to the Commons where she’ll push for a Hard Brexit with every bone and sinew in her body.

    For the first time in a very long time North Kensington Labour have come up with a truly credible candidate. Emma Dent Coad will balance the interests of Leavers and Remainers in Kensington. EDC wants to bring us together, not keep us apart. At this time more than ever, Kensington needs someone who believes in reconciliation, not division. A true local with over 10 years experience as a councillor at RBKC, Dent Coad has lived at both ends of the borough, demonstrating time and again through hard work and perseverance that she understands the needs of people both North and the South, rich and poor, black and white. Lend her your vote. Vote for someone who’ll represent all of Kensington. Not just a few.

    Vote unity. Vote EDC.

    1. DON'T TRUST LABOUR; YOU WILL LOSE YOUR HOME8 June 2017 at 15:15

      Vote for Emma Dent Coad....a Corbyn acolyte who will back his determination to drive out those in the Borough whose homes have risen because of the waves of foreign money pouring in.
      Before you vote for unity remember this. When you vote for Dent Coad you are encouraging a tax attack on your home.
      Corbyn hates anyone who has worked to buy a home. He will ruin you!

    2. Nothing to say about VB's record, just a lot of bombast, ad hominem and bogey man boo ha with zero evidence. What else is one to expect from those who have nothing of substance to say

    3. Your man, McDonnell is a Marxist. He will attack the Kensington homeowner and tax them to oblivion. Get real, dreamer

    4. I refer Anonymous to the reply I gave earlier

    5. Well, you would say that.

  8. All aspects of the campaign are set against expenses limits. Even those provided as free, a notional amount is recorded and this must reflect true market rates.

  9. Pick of the Pops. Dame, Can you do RBKC version of this?

  10. As we said - watch this space - told you so!!! Voters don't like MPs who run away from their constituents, be they May or Borwick,

  11. Let us hope that there are some international independent observers to make sure the next count is not "fixed" for Borwick

  12. I wonder how Emma's Labour colleagues on the council will take this: they hate her with a vengeance

    1. Wrong - she hates them with a vengeance after they deposed her as their leader after a year.

  13. An interesting political moment to say the least. Ordinary Kensington residents, many of them young and poor, voted against the status quo. The incumbent would have been well advised to accept defeat with the grace displayed by Mr Clegg. Except this is the Rotten Borough. Horton Street was unable to accept a Labour MP in Hammersmith. Such a person within the sacred walls of Horton Street is utterly unthinkable. Result; RBKC is a laughing stock.

  14. I love the smell of victory in the evening...

  15. So, after years of treating the Labour Group and in particular Cllr Dent Coad, as a joke while selling off the borough to Russian oligarchs and foreign money launderers, inflicting basement after basement and threatening poor people in the north with the loss of their homes, our local Tories have got their come uppance. Years of dedicated work by a small band of Labour councillors has finally been rewarded. Rock Feilding-Mellen with his social cleansing plans has much to answer for. Will this change their minds? Change their policies? Make them understand the needs of their residents and stop their pursuit of the quick buck? I fear not. But they have now been warned. Borwick was just a patsy to promote their policies. Her big mistake was alienating the 69% who wanted to stay in the European Union. She did not have to opt for Leave but was mesmerised by her former boss Mr. Johnson. Very silly, because it was that which tipped her remaining support into the arms of Labour. Oh, and the Imperial College students decided to vote here instead of at their homes.

    1. Borwick had ample opportunity in the last six weeks and two years to show she was for the residents. She was pro developer and her constituents were left to the mercies of others. Hopefully EDC will now give Enviroment and Planning department a good shake up. It was not so much Brexit as people fed up of Borwick and her council.

      It wasn't ICL who swung it, it was the residents! 7 to 8 thousands votes for Labour and LibDem.

      Huge turnout which is great no matter the result lets see if we can now get rid of the dead wood in the council.

      Saw Spalding, Freeman and PB on tv looking knackered and old.

  16. Theresa May called an utterly unnecessary election and then insulted the voters by running away from them. In the meantime, Kensington Labour sneaked up behind the Tories and clobbered them when they weren’t looking. Imperial College Labour Club was hugely influential in this process. Even though the Tories had been campaigning regularly in the north of the borough, they failed to pick up the anger of residents whose homes have been or will be "regenerated”. And the Tory Council takes no notice of its core supporters in the centre of the borough, who are increasingly disaffected by planning policies that produce extremely ugly and expensive buildings to be bought by Far Eastern investors who have no vote in this country. So even if there is an election next year or this October, it is going to be very difficult to shift Dent Coad, even if the Tories come up with a better candidate next time.


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