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Friday, 30 June 2017


One who knows writes....

Where does one start? 
For the historical background, one must go back to an exceptionally bright boy of humble origins. 
Oxford University and a golden future awaited. 
A exceptionally short career in the Foreign Office followed(please, let what happened in SA stay in SA, the Dame) 
A very dark cloud indeed arose in the heavens, the details of which cannot be discussed here. 
Years of comparative obscurity followed. 
Then for many years Moylan was deputy leader of RBKC and cabinet member for planning. 
In those days K & C was knee deep in brown envelopes, although no one has ever suggested he was aware of them. Moylan was the Dep Leader, Merrick Cockell's backbone. Tough as nails and a bully to everyone in sight. 
Cockell's star eventually faded as did Moylan's. 
He was sent to Boris to deal with and ended up designing the ill-starred airport in the Thames estuary. 
This was followed by another job: organising the legacy of the Olympic Park. However, it seems his work colleagues failed to appreciate his genius and he left after only 2 weeks. Now Moylan's moment has come at last. A few well-timed television and radio interviews. Performances of jaw-dropping hypocrisy, regretting the need for NPB to resign. Unfortunately, it seems the Government demanded NPB's resignation this morning. 
So Moylan's brilliant acting was rather wasted. 
Never mind. He's determined to get his hands on Horton Street, so he can resume that favourite pastime: bullying of colleagues, officers and residents etc....oh, and collect a much needed £75k a year plus expenses.


  1. Please please, don't tease!

    Leaders must be above reproach. We need to know what happened in SA and what the very dark clouds contained.

  2. A matter that in the 21st century may not speak its name.

  3. The two Councillors who have broken ranks and are campaigning hard for the Leadership are Cllr Moylan (LBC radio yesterday) and Cllr Faulks (Today Programme, this morning). Cllr Faulks in complete denial of the hopelessness of this Council and telling the presenter how well the Council is doing with the Grenfell fall out. Airhead.

    Bring on the Commissioners. Unfortunately the only sensible option.

    60 years of Monopoly, a feeble Labour opposition, and 13 years of disgraced ex Leader Cllr Cockell, drove the Tories into oblivion. It will be a long haul to rebuild the Kensington Conservatives, regain the confidence of voters, and motivate Officers. Overdue and welcome.

    1. Moylan being helped out by his mate Andrew Pierce. Maybe Pierce knows what went on in SA.

  4. Indeed, the only way to regain some 'CREDIBILITY' is to appoint a bunchof Commissioners to run the show until elections next year, when the residents will decide.... also, please shut up the Tory twit at City Hall, who is so vociferously defending the Cabinet... I think his waffles are falling on deaf ears on this occasion...
    A little aside: what on Earth is going to happen to the 'cosy', incestuous relationships with estate agents who had many of the Councillors on their payroll?

  5. Well Cllr Lady Faulkes has made a name for herself with his spectacularly ill-judged interview on Radio 4 this morning. A few more appearances like this will see the Council put into special measures in no time.

    1. The woman is an airhead. How on earth Cllr Feeman can promote her to be the next Leader of Kensington and Chelsea is a total mystery. Groupie?

    2. Cllr Robert Freeman1 July 2017 at 22:36

      Fly Swatter. Of course I know who you and your other Cover Names. But please try not to be so silly.

    3. But dear Cllr Rbt Freeman's endorsement of said Cllr Faulks was total and unqualified. Of course Fly Swatter's suggestion was nasty and nonsense but, after the Faulks performance on this morning's Today programme, surely we must allow Robert the time to amend - better withdraw - his endorsement.


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