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Saturday, 10 June 2017



Dear Dame 

At your age, no one expects you to be 'at the helm' at all times but how extraordinary you were absent during this most important week and left your imbecilic nephew, Ludo, on watch.

I suppose the lure of the SS Hornet sundeck was just too much of a temptation.
So, in your absence, lolling around the Med, you missed a storm here.
Why did Victoria Borwick lose? 
To my mind, she was a first class, hands on, constituency MP in the same way that she was a brave and efficient councillor.
So where does the blame lie? To my mind, there are several issues and one very important one

  • Labour chose a candidate, who, like Borwick was known and highly regarded
  • The electorate was taking it out on the foolish Mrs. May
  • Miss Mullin from Lambeth made hay from Remain voters
But, the real issue, over which Borwick had no control, was the decision by electors to punish the Council for riding roughshod over their wishes. 
The list is endless.... ....Crossrail...basements...unwanted developments, Earls Court, the destruction of Marlborough School, the demolition of the Odeon...Holland Park Opera...the list goes on.
So who was the most convenient scapegoat? 
Victoria Borwick. 
It didn't help the Conservative Association under Julie Mills ran a complacent, lacklustre and hopeless campaign.
The fact is that Emma Dent Coad has always been highly visible fighting on behalf of residents.

The loss of this seat is a warning to the Council. 
Cllr Moylan has been heard to say of residents, " we know best" and Cllr Weale, " We hear but we don't listen".
The Colonel

It's time to start listening because the noise will become deafening. 
Residents of all political hues need to be listened to rather than patronised. 

We have seen what happens when they are not.......

With the kindest regards to you, dear lady,


Colonel Plumptre-Orlebar-Ritblatt 


  1. Dent Coad is on a roll......

  2. Borwick lost because she has followed her own agenda rather than working for the interests of her constituents.

    She lied at her selection about her Brexit position
    Campaigned against the interests of her constituents over Brexit
    Supported the useless Theresa May in reducing local school funding
    Supported the continuing austerity programme
    Has one of the worst records of any MP on replying to constituents
    She has no understanding of her constituents

    Her arrogance and incompetence has let her lose a 7,000 majority; it had nothing to do with the pathetic RBKC Councillors; the faukt is all hers

    1. Agree 100%. The only person to blame for this is Borwick her self. How anyone can lose a 7,000+ majority is just 2 years is breath taking. As a Conservative Party Member in Kensington, we need someone who will stand up for us. Borwick played us like fools.

  3. Everyone knows this is one of Borwicks closest allies writing this. Who are the suspects? Let's discuss...

    1. Mr Oberoi doesn't sound very close, dimwit

  4. Brexit aside the reason Lady Borwick lost is she did sweet sod all for the majority of residents, she has one of the worst records of all MP's in the HoC for replying to constituents and when she does she is as much use as a chocolate teapot, and it is painfully obvious what she feels about most people unless they are one of her chosen per projects. I say good riddance and that is coming form a person who usually votes Tory at national elections, Lady Borwick has one person to blamer and that is herself . Be warned RBKC council the next elections may see the Tory RBKC councillors not only out of the developers back pockets but also out of an office then decent people can deal with the corruption that has gone on there , starting with the Planning Department , yes Ms Flight that does include you !!!

  5. Brexit has to be a major factor. She supported it and we don't in the main. The arrogance of fielding a Brexit candidate here. And yes also in the background the horrible smugness of the Tory party in the area - their little England mentality is utterly inappropriate in such a cosmopolitan area; the lack of backbone (or worse) when dealing with developers and the fact that Emma Dent Coad has been a wonderful councillor.

  6. The Elephants had their say !

  7. I see there are no cries over Lady V's going... This is surely a very strong warning to the TORY Councillors.. Me thinks that they may out be on their backsides next time the 'RESIDENTS' have their say.. And we will celebrate at the Belvedere...

  8. re: anonymous 0.18: very true.. she only bothered with those who could be of some benefit to her. Have heard same complaints elsewhere. Very good for photo ops, though...

  9. The fatal message on VB's posters -"Standing together with Theresa May" - was a red rag to those, like me, that aren't necessarily pro-Labour but that saw through and deplored the self-serving PM's bull**** and voted accordingly. A hard Brexit, Tory right agenda that threatens Kensington's economy and goes against its people's wishes and interests trumped any good VB did as an MP. Should she stand at the inevitable upcoming General Election - forced when Klingon May's contemptible 'coalition of chaos' with the odious DUP crumbles - she'd be well advised to learn that lesson and adapt accordingly. And to complacent RBKC councillors in denial, those that constantly put greedy developers' profits above residents' interests, a warning: "You're next!"

  10. The next general election will be fought on the new constituency boundaries - so it will either be a safe Tory Kensington and Chelsea seat or a safe Labour North West Central seat where Karen Buck MP will be the Labour candidate. It will probably not be until next year because the new boundaries - gerrymandered to favour the Conservatives - will produce a strong and stable Tory government, hopefully under Amber Rudd. Unless Jeremy Corbyn, having done his bit for youth, graciously stands down in favour of a younger but equally left wing leader.

    1. A 'safe Tory seat'? Endangered species in Inner London... unless the party does a major U-turn -not that those helped the hapless Maybot, admittedly.


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