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Wednesday, 21 June 2017


John McDonnell has suggested members of the IRA active units be 'honoured'....even those who bombed working class areas where children were present.
.....and before people start saying the Dame is anti Oirish...her ggrandfather was a leading Sinn Feiner from Ballina, Co Mayo and arrested by the British.

Those Mayo men would have shot those who killed children.

 "It's about time we started honouring those people involved in the armed struggle. It was bombs and bullets and sacrifice made by the likes of Bobby Sands that brought Britain to the negotiating table." John McDonnell

This may be what McDonnell means..."Three-year-old Johnathan Ball died at the scene. He had been in town with his babysitter, shopping for a Mother's Day card. 
The second victim, 12-year-old Tim Parry died on 25 March 1993. 54 other people were injured, four of them seriously." 

Why are people so shocked? McDonnell comes, via Liverpool, of pure bred Irish Provo stock. 

He even considered a priestly vocation........and that
might have something to do with his reputation as an extreme misogynist.

McDonnell hates the English with a passion. 
That passion is vented in supporting the mass demonstration today.

The results of the recent election show that democracy works in this country. 

But that's not good enough for McDonnell.

The demonstration today will distract the police and the other services protecting Londoners against more terrorist atrocities.

The police and emergency services have enough to do without having to marshal crowds with malice on their minds. 

Let's not beat around the bush....

McDonnell gives the great Labour Party a really bad rap.

The great Labour leaders of the past must be turning in their graves...


  1. I am a Labour Party member and I agree. McDonnell going out of his way to suggest honouring killers of the innocent sticks in my craw.

  2. There is a bigger shame in Hornton Street. Piggy met with his Cabinet and offered to resign on Monday but they said "of course not".

    Piggy then said that he needed to know if he had their support.

    So thats OK then.......

  3. The Earl of Islington21 June 2017 at 18:45

    I had to have a bit of a larf. As usual, the proles and yoof are being led by over sixties with Jeremy C being close to 70! Seumus Milne, the son of posh git and ex BBC boss, Nigel, is 60 and, like papa, went to £40k a year Winchester and then Balliol. It's good that the workers are led by us upper class oldies: just as it should be!

  4. Please note that John McDonnell said those words in 2003, 14 years ago, although the Dame makes it sound as if he said it a few days ago...

    1. So, he's exonerated by the passage of time?

  5. What's the matter Dame? Have you forgotten about the Shankill Butchers or the murderous loyalist thugs who shot Bernadette Devlin multiple times but failed to kill her? Do you just have selective memory on account of your very obvious Tory leanings? Just because you hammer the RBKC tories, who richly deserve it, doesn't mean you're not itching to take their place when their heads finally roll, as they should.

    We should all remember that it took great courage and humanity on both sides of the Northern Ireland divide for deadly enemies like Adams and McGuinness on one side and David Ervine and others on the other to sit together and negotiate peace after years of bloodshed.

    1. Those you mention are repugnant, however unless the Dame is becoming senile, her piece related solely to John McDonnell and his Provo sympathies.
      You must be very dimwitted or a new reader if you think the Hornet's Nest leans to the Toryism. And you sound slightly mad if you think the Dame intends to stand as Conservative councillor. As RCE would say, " what have you been smoking?"
      The Dame abhors David Ervine as much as she does Adams and McGuinness.
      Courage to stop bombing and shooting each other?


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