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Saturday, 17 June 2017


When we complain that no on listens to us it's much to do with the fact that we don't make our voices heard so PLEASE get involved in this vital consultation

The Royal Brompton Hospital in the middle of NHS England's public consultation phase on plans to decommission congenital heart disease (CHD) services at the hospital. If this plan goes ahead it would not just force CHD services to close, but could also close a range of other services – including the children's intensive care unit, the hospital's world-famous CHD research unit and a range of child services including cystic fibrosis and difficult asthma. Over 14,000 patients would be affected.
NHS England say their plans are to improve CHD care standards. But it makes no sense to try and improve standards by closing one of the country’s biggest, safest and most effective services, nor one of the most celebrated research units in the world.
There is more on the campaign HERE 
We are all very proud to have the Royal Brompton Hospital on our 'patch' so can we all take up the call to comment on this important consultation. Here is the link LINK TO CONSULTATION and the Trust’s guidance notes:LINK 
More information on the campaign is on the website: LINK



  2. Bit of a shocker this one. VB is standing there is a 'Save ' T shirt knowing full well the Conservatives want to flog the hospitals to their mates at knock down prices. Conservatives seem to be working for their own self intrests and that of their chums.

  3. 12:41
    Sorry, but would you like to point out which of the ladies is Victoria Borwick? Or are you just looking for an opportunity to distract people from signing the petition?

    1. Thought that one in the middle was. Apologies. What r u looking to do. Distract from the fact that Conservative's want to sell off all central London hospital. They can do that I suppose, as long as 'my back yard is ok'.

  4. Poor sicko. Victoria is a governor of the Brompton. Members of her family are and have been patients of the Brompton. They have supported families and the provision of treatment for cardiac and cystic fibrosis. She has fought tooth and nail to save the Brompton.

    Get lost.

    1. No you get lost. Loser. What about all the other London hospitals that her Government want to sell off. You are a nimby.

    2. You sound a real thug...

    3. Yes and ignorant with it.


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