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Wednesday, 18 March 2015



Gumball 3000 represents everything that stinks about society today.

It makes profits by encouraging the rich, crass and vulgar to tear across Europe in £200k Italian supercars, at reckless speed, often creating horrific accidents.

To emphasise his success the founder changed his name to Maximillions...very droll.

So why would a crude operation like this go to bed with Westway Trust?

The rich vulgarians who contribute to the profits of Gumball 3000 have little connection to disadvantaged youth in the north of the Borough so the assumption has to be the £50,000 donation made by Gumball Foundation(yes, sounds worthy!) was to burnish a lacklustre image.....or possibly for other, less immediately discernible, reasons....

Gumball 3000's donation was given to support Westway Trust's participation in National Apprentice Week. The worthy intention is to encourage apprenticeships in local creative industries.

Yet the guest speakers below have no practical knowledge of the creative industries....apart the childishly named, Maximillions Cooper...and he sure knows how to create money out of anti social behaviour.
A pity Angela McConville did not stretch her brain a bit. 
She could have invited local entrepreneurs engaged in the creative industries...but they might have overshadowed her 'new best friend' Maximillions.....

She could, too, have invited the very good Labour candidate Dr Rod Abouhard. 
Abouharb knows far more about apprentice schemes than the motley crew McCoville assembled.
What a sad joke this country has become.

On 12th March, Westway Trust will celebrate National Apprentice Week with the launch of the Creative Employment Programme.

The evening will consist of guest speakers:
• Angela McConville – Chief Executive, Westway Trust
• Allan Hill/Pat McCann - The V&A Museum
• Mark Brickley – Principal, Kensington and Chelsea College
• Maximillion Cooper – Owner, Gumball 3000
• Local Apprentices


  1. Apparently without local consultation or knowledge, the Westway Trust recently changed its remit from that of a charity addressing local community issues, to one addressing the requirements of London Councils. This doubtless explains its wish to destroy everything it's supposed to stand for. Yet another scandal in the rottenest of rotten boroughs.

  2. unfortunately the very good Mr.Abouharb has not been near any of the campaign meetings yet either. So much for the Labour party.... which has been represented on the board of trustees for the last couple of years by Pat Mason.
    Did he not notice what was going on? Isn't that what trustees are supposed to be for ?

  3. Gumball 3000, the stables, Maxilla and Portobello Green are not four separate stories, but a single narrative. RBKC is determined to exclude every lower income person from its Rotten Borough. Would EDC or one of her colleagues please provide an explanation of Labour's apparent inability to act or even comment?

    1. Quite right too. Lower income people should move to Hammersmith

    2. RBKC Labour need to explain why Councillor Pat Mason has been working in the interests of Councillor Feilding Mellen and his neo-con pals at the Westway Development Trust and to the great detriment of the North Kensington community? EDC and Councillor Blakeman are totally addicted to this blog so maybe they would be kind enough to enlighten us to what on earth is going on?
      RBKC Labour are currently a disgrace and laughing stock and have been rendered totally impotent after years of Councillor Blakeman's shameless collusion with her Tory pals.
      Horton Street is just a cosy little club for Tory and Labour Councillors and on-one will ever dare rock that particular boat.

  4. Dr Rod Abouhard visited our Estate last week. Victoria is supposed to represent us, but obviously could not the time to visit the Estate ever.

    1. Give Victoria a chance. She has only just been selected!

    2. She is our ward Cllr from 2002, actually she had a chance to visit our Estate.

  5. So the plot thickens, well done Dame for shining the truth laser at this.

  6. How anyone can take seriouslya man in his 40s who changes his name to Maximillions is beyond belief..


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