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Monday, 16 March 2015


Philbeach Towers

Whilst he was leader, The Dame forbade Pooter use of the £120,000 Bentley he had coerced councillors into buying 'for the Mayor'.

Digging around the fearsome old Dame had discovered Pooter was running around town in it... happy as a tubby little chap in a tuck shop! 
He claimed he needed it to(his words) 'maintain the dignity of the Borough'!
Stern words from the Dame; a few tearful tantrums and soon to be Milord Philbeach agreed not to.....

'Lord' Philbeach's Neighbour
But 'Milord' Philbeach, couldn't keep his plump rear off the rich Connolly hide rear seat. 
Though he tearfully agreed not to, a curtain twitching neighbour, saw the personal number plated Bentley outside Philbeach Towers.

The Dame is shocked! 
After all her remonstration and his promises Pooter was still unable to control his love of luxury...... paid for by the poor taxpayer.


  1. Is the reptile completely mad? There can be no possible justification for his use of the Bentley. And Lord Philbeach? What is this about?

  2. His desire to use of the Bentley and puff up is worse than coke addiction

    1. North Kensington Resident16 March 2015 at 14:52


  3. High time for disgraced ex Leader Cllr Cockle to move out of the Borough and rid us of his unwanted presence. Would get the Dame and her Hornets off his back too

  4. Sounds like Cllr Paget-Brown needs to tighten up controls over the Transport Department

  5. If this pompous little quisling is elevated to the peerage it will reflect appallingly on Cameron and the party.

  6. It is just unbelievable. A monster of the past still with his snout in the trough

  7. Kensington Resident16 March 2015 at 21:08

    The Bentley used to collect him from Philbeach Gdns to take him to London Airport (to save taxi fares) but surely this practice has now stopped?

  8. It is inconceivable that the Scrutiny Committee would allow Cllr Cockell to be sent to the House of Lords,d.d2s

    1. If Thatcher over ruled the Scrutiny Committee for Cyril Smith then why should Cameron not over rule the Scrutiny Committee for Cllr Cockell?

      The filthy end of politics

  9. snout in trough. ghastly grubby jumped-up oi(n)k

  10. If Cameron wants to restore some faith in a truly battered political system that stands for "I'm in it for me" then he has to adopt a policy of zero tolerance to the Cockell's of this world.

    Conservative HQ set a good example by sacking Rifkind after his nonsense was exposed by Dispatches. It would be wrong for Cockell to be given a gong "because it is his turn". Sends out completely the wrong signal.

    When will the system start to learn?

  11. Give the poor little chappy a break - nonentities like pooter need an attachment or two to make them feel normal - a serious case of inferiority complex could lead to a mental breakdown . Poor sod.


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