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Friday, 27 March 2015


A reader reports the very sad news below and raises the question as to the eventual plans for this highly regarded local pub.
The Council has a duty to protect important community assets such as the Hour Glass.

"The landlady of the above pub, just down the road from the V&A has told me that her landlord is terminating her lease (after 24 years) and she will be leaving next month.  Very sad for her, since she did want to carry on a few more years.  Moreover, what are the intentions of the landlord?  Is it to be turned into another home for a wealthy absentee oligarch?  
It already has a basement."

Click to see the good things said about this charming pub

1 comment:

  1. RBKC has lost so many pubs, this is surely another case of the need to protect an asset of community value. There must be plenty of active and literate denizens of South Kensington willing to fight for the future of The Hour Glass.


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