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Thursday, 12 March 2015


Every council has it problem councillors; K&C is no exception.
A few years back it was ex Mayor Barry Phelps kicked  out over his sexualised emails of young boys; then Cllr Lamont. Lamont claimed his wife had inserted child porn on his computer....and no, Milud did not believe him
Keeping the spark of eccentricty alive is chairman of the Tall Society (yes, it exists) Cllr Mathew Palmer.
It takes one odious man to know another. 
Lord Sugar had a brief encounter with Palmer in the Apprentice and made damning comment about a councillor who likes to do his share dealing in the midst of important council debates.
Palmer storied past also involved being severly criticised by the Standards Committee for non declaration of his now defunct Council Skills training company.

But, more serious, is his hounding and harrassing of fellow councillors. 
No one is immune. His particular targets are hard working and successful women. 
Did young Matthew have a cruel and sadistic nanny as a child? 
Could that account for his odd behaviour?
The Dame abhors censorship so many of the vile and unpleasant comments posted about fellow councillors are allowed to stand. 
However, leader of the Labour Group, Emma Dent-Coad got so worn down that she has raised the matter with the local police.
Mad As A Cut Snake
Palmer's other obsession is with the Hornet. 
In one mad moment he thinks Justin Downes is the Dame; then in another it's Emma Dent Coad. 
He even suggested the Pope is the culprit! 
Maybe, he thinks that celebrity resident, Prince Charles, is the Dame. Cllr need help.
So yes, we do need to talk about a councillor whose very strange obsessions are a source of embarrassment to his party and fellow councillors.


  1. For years, mad, bad Palmer has been running a vendetta against Cllr Borwick. He tried unsuccessfully to enlist the Leadership in his campaign and failed. Now he has let it be known to friends that he intends to disrupt the Open Selection meeting of the next Kensington MP on Friday night by launching a personal attack on one of the candidates, Cllr Borwick. Such behaviour should not be tolerated by the Conservative Association

    1. Fly On The Wall12 March 2015 at 15:10

      Dotty Cllr Palmer loves to grandstand. At Council meetings he throws his hands around and screams, to the embarrassment of fellow Councillors. The expected crowd at the Selection Meeting on Friday will drive the reptile into a frenzy. We will just have to sit back and enjoy the show.

  2. What does Palmer have against EDC?

  3. She's female, competent and popular; rather like a certain Ms Borwick.

    Does the Dame have a photograph of this person Palmer?

  4. The Dame's Librarian12 March 2015 at 18:36

    yes, will produce

  5. A disgrace to himself, his family and the Conservative Party. Also uses other peoples telephones to make international telephone calls. Without asking or offering to pay for them. Absolute basket case.

  6. In the smaller photo, Palmer's head appears disproportionately small in relationship to his body. This may explain his limited intellect.

  7. While the Council has evidently and most unfairly ignored Palmer's harassment of Cllr D-C - even in Full Council meetings - they are unwise to allow him full rein against a possible parliamentary candidate. We can hardly pretend it is political banter when he attacks women from both sides.

    This idiot is damaging the reputation of the Council; certain types of harassment are a crime. About time Palmer resigned to 'spend more time with his family'.

  8. I am not The Dame.

    However the Council has failed in its response to my complaints about harassment and I will continue to pursue them until they are addressed. I cannot imagine any other work environment where that kind of behaviour would be tolerated.

    The police complaint refers to conduct outside the Council that could if proved lead to criminal prosecution.

  9. Time for Ahern and Paget-Brown to persuade Palmer to stand down. The man is a disgrace to our Association. Cockell vacillated over Lamont and brought us into disrepute. This must not happen again.

  10. Dear Dame, may we please have a mugshot of Palmer.

    His misogyny is out of control to the point that he's likely to become a threat to women outside the political sphere. He joins the roll call of inadequate men who've brought RBKC into disrepute.

    It's time for him to be shown the door.


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