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Monday, 23 March 2015


Angela McConville, the brash boss of Westway Trust boasts of her 'business school' background. But, like many business school graduates, she despises small business.

Her latest assault on small business is Universal, a garage at the Latimer Rd end of Westway.
Universal specialises in car servicing.
It's been in business for many years with a reputation for being reputable-a rare quality in the motor trade.
The Hornet wrote about Westway Trust's support of National Apprentice Week, yet in that same week, McConville decided not to renew the lease of a garage providing local employment and, as importantly, training for apprentices!


  1. Just another casualty. Of westway or egotistic mcConville who must be . The most underhanded CEO of trust yet . In her case its not . What you know but who . Can shower her with cash �� maxmillion

  2. Absolutely disgusting, it's about time Westway distrust felt the force of the residents of Kensington. Clearly a culling is taking place and what are any of the Councillors doing about it?

  3. Mcconvillian clearly building an indoor track for her boy maxi million. She clearly has no respect for local people or businesses, she will not be making these decisions alone, someone higher than she will have authorised this. Westway Stables, Maxilla, Universal.....the killing of the Market.....Why compromise the trusts income unless there is support for a master plan. She makes Cruella De Ville look like Snow White.

  4. Whatever McConville is embarking upon it seems to be a large project and as 08:14 says she would not compromise the trusts income. So I have no doubt that Nick and his friends in Hornton street are up to their necks in this with Angela de Vile. What we need now is an occupy campaign.

  5. Kerr M'udgeon24 March 2015 at 10:25

    Yet another malodorous whiff in the air ... Westway Trust must be called to account for its actions which have little to do with serving the North Kensington community.

  6. Westway thoroughly deserves the levels of local anger it's receiving. Ms McConville recently declared to a group of local people that the 'consultation' process will take just a few weeks. RBKC will grant planning permission this year and building work completed next year! Job done. North Kensington is to be destroyed - yet again!

    It's time for Ms McConville to go and take her master plan with her. Under new management, the Trust can backtrack and start listening to those it claims to serve.

    1. And so say all of us!

  7. The 38 Degrees petition against this development now has over 13,000 signatures.

  8. The council are sailing with this Angela is only second captain reveal the captain

  9. from their blog Westway trust claims they have support from Boris Johnson and the council RBKC to the tune of £125k to transform Portobello into a world class blahblah consultation and approval for planning usually tales a while so how the Trust manages to obtain permission so quickly just reeks of crony capitalism on the part of the council and nepotism and serial bullying on the part of the Trust.

  10. The Trust's people are running around like headless chickens: trying to find a way out of a mess of their own making. The've already postponed a meeting with the principal group campaigning against the development. The Trust is running scared!

  11. The Westway Trust (for which read the heartless McConville) prefer Gumball's antics to the Stable Way businesses that are benefiting the local community like Universal and the Stables, who've been there quietly employing apprentices and helping people without outside support for many, many years. She is a disgrace!! Glad to see the local communities all along the Westway uniting against her...... I hope they win, and quickly, before she does more damage and creates a bigger wasteland ruining local people's lives

  12. Time for a public meeting to interrogate WT board members on the decisions they are making in the face of community opposition. Time to expose their real agenda in closing down existing enterprises.


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