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Tuesday, 10 March 2015


The line up, according to Guido, are Shaun Bailey, Charlotte Vere(who she?) and Victoria Borwick


  1. Dame, you cannot possibly be serious! Shaun Bailey is not very bright and loves the sound of his voice spouting utter nonsense. If he wern't black no way would he be chosen.
    There are plenty of bright young black candidates who knock spots of this motor mouth.
    I will resign from the Party of he is seected

  2. Clearly the ONLY capable candidate is Victoria Borwick.

  3. The sift has taken place to select the three finalists for the Kensington selection.

    Charlotte Vere. Currently Executive Director of the Girls’ Schools Association, Vere has worked in the private sector for 25 years. In 2010, she was the Conservative candidate in Brighton Pavilion, where she increased the Tory vote but saw Caroline Lucas turn the constituency Green. She was Finance Director of the victorious No2AV campaign in the 2011 referendum, and has campaigned for Conservative policies to be better targeted at women voters. She previously made the final four for South Cambridgeshire and in Havant.

    Shaun Bailey. A former adviser to the Prime Minister, Bailey first came to prominence as the Conservative candidate in Hammersmith at the last election. He is a Research Fellow at the Centre for Policy Studies, and has long been an outspoken critic of the social harm done by left wing policies. In 2013 he made headlines when it was reported he believed he had been pushed out of No 10 by an Etonian clique. That same year he was longlisted in Croydon South.

    Victoria Borwick. A former Kensington and Chelsea councillor, Borwick is currently a Member of the London Assembly and Deputy Mayor of London. She has twice stood to be the Conservative Mayoral candidate, coming second in 2008 to Boris Johnson. Most of her professional life was spent in events and events management, both in the corporate and art worlds. In recent months she has been campaigning against the mansion tax.

    The final selection will take place (slightly inauspiciously) on Friday 13th March.

  4. man on High St Ken10 March 2015 at 22:06

    Shaun Bailey not pushed out by the Etonian clique on race or class grounds-as he likes to claim. He was pushed out because he was no good at the job he was given. Cameron's reward is to dump him on us. He never listens and I have a horrible feeling that there may be skeletons in the cupboard. He needs to meet Kwasi Kwarteng, also black but seems to have no issue with the Etonian clique and it has nothing to do with him being an OE merely that he doesn't fuck people off!

  5. Kensington needs a brand Kensington MP not a brand Cameron. Vere and Bailey are certainly not brand Kensington.

  6. Shaun Bailey, the Prime Minister's only black aide, was 'frozen out by David Cameron's clique'

    Shaun Bailey, David Cameron's only black working class adviser, has alleged that he was pushed out of Downing Street by the Prime Minister’s “clique” of Old Etonian aides, The Daily Telegraph can disclose.

    Shaun Bailey lost his job as a special adviser earlier this year before several former public school pupils were drafted in to senior roles at No  10.

    Mr Bailey, who was moved to a part-time role in the Cabinet Office, has told friends that he was excluded from Mr Cameron’s inner circle because he was “different” and repeatedly asked difficult questions about the Government’s priorities.

    He is understood to have told the Prime Minister that he was concerned about the Conservative Party’s lack of appeal in black, working class communities, and has now expressed his frustration privately that his concerns were not heeded.

    The Daily Telegraph understands that Mr Bailey believes he was ignored for months by Mr Cameron’s inner circle before being moved to a “non-job” outside the Prime Minister’s office in January.

    He is still hoping to become a Conservative MP, so his friends say he has decided not to speak out publicly about his concerns, which echo complaints made about Mr Cameron’s operation by a growing number of observers.

    “They just didn’t get what Shaun was saying,” said one of Mr Bailey’s friends last night. “He kept challenging them saying, 'Why are we not saying this?’ … He went into Downing Street and the first thing he said was, 'The only political conversation you need to have publicly is about the cost of living’.

    “He also gave plenty of warning that if they wanted to talk about being a diverse party, people have to see it. But they didn’t want to hear about it. Shaun was frozen out.

    “Shaun always says that you can see from space that the place is dominated by those from Eton.”

    Mr Bailey, a father-of-two in his early 40s, has discussed his concerns with a number of Tory MPs. One has told him that there is a “class war” going on within the party.

    The disclosure will be damaging for Mr Cameron, who is already facing claims that he is running a “chumocracy” in Downing Street after he promoted several Old Etonians in recent weeks, including Jo Johnson, the brother of the London mayor Boris Johnson, and Jesse Norman ..

  7. NORTH BOROUGH MAN10 March 2015 at 22:42

    Obviously you are a mate of Shaun.....nothing wrong with loyalty...except when very badly mis-placed. I remember getting a taxi driven a South London black working class man. He said, 'I am fed up black people in my area who get up and claim to know and speak for the black community. They are unelected and unrepresentative. He went on to describe them as 'in it for themselves'. But his most telling point was this. He said, I vote for my local councillor and my MP: they represent me. The message to 'community leaders' like Shaun is that you never been elected as a councillor...I wonder why?

    1. Not a mate of Shaun just showing what an excuse merchant he is.

  8. So now we see it. Trott was a stalking horse. Osborne's candidate is Vere.

  9. Sadly Shaun is not the brightest - and of course he lost a seat in Hammersmith that the Tories should have won.

  10. Poor Shaun, always the bridesmaid, never the bride.

  11. Cllr Palmer is in overdrive briefing against Cllr Borwick. Again

    1. Hell hath no fury, like a woman scorned


    What horrific judgement Tory Central have! Bailey describes himself as: "a kid from the estate who had a good idea to do this and never had a wider view of accountants and lawyers”.

    He's not capable of complex, independent thought, swallowing and regurgitating ideology. A Deference Tory to his marrow.


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