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Thursday, 5 March 2015


It's easy to write off Nick Paget-Brown's  'Ask Nick' as a publicity stunt:that would be wrong.
Paget-Brown is a good man;a man who strives to perform his duties with diligence and integrity.

There has been no previous leader of this council who has devoted time to meeting residents and hearing their views.
So the Dame congratulates Nick and hopes, as time goes on, he will dispose of some of his inferior cabinet colleagues and replace them with others of better quality.
The first to go should be the divisive and immature Rock Feilding Mellen.


  1. and then the awful Elizabeth Campbell

  2. Rock needs to be eased into the real world so that he can demonstrate whether he is capable of being a useful human being.

  3. Retired Chief Executive6 March 2015 at 10:14

    Cllr Paget-Brown is putting plenty of effort into his "Meet Nick" sessions and he also made the Leader's blog the center of the Homepage on the Council website. It takes time to establish these things as a sounding board and for residents to build the necessary trust to blog and attend meetings in order to give feedback. But a skilled Leader is able to discard moaning and special pleading and pick up the "mood" and also genuine issues that require thought.

    Cllr Paget-Brown should be getting a picture by now. Hornet readers would be interested to get a report. A good discipline would be for Cllr Paget-Brown to do an annual "state of the Borough" blog on the Hornet. It would demonstrate openness and also courage to participate in a forum that he does not control. Invariably this kind of courage also builds respect - something that has been lacking in Hornton Street for many years

  4. Lets hope that he does not come back with the usual and dismissive retort from Hornton Street of "read my blog". The Tory group need to "engage" and put away their ridiculous arrogance and submissiveness

    1. dismissiveness surely!

      not even disgraced ex Cllr Phelps found a submissive Tory in Hornton Street

    2. Council Watcher6 March 2015 at 10:38

      One cannot be certain

  5. I was present at the Ask Nick meeting, and apart from some obvious plants by publicity seeking groups going after cheap applause from the assembly. it showed the integrity of Paget Brown as leader, and the respect in which his administration is held.


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