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Monday, 23 March 2015


Annie Redmile writes to every candidate fighting to represent the people of Kensington.

....oh, and congratulations, Annie.....
Your TV performance was stellar. How well you put the case against demolition of Warwick Road Estate. 
You can see Annie in action HERE

Dear Candidate,

I am writing to you as a Prospective Parliamentary Candidate at the forthcoming election for the Kensington constituency in which I live.

I am sure you will be aware of plans by the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea for the Warwick Road Estate, in which I and another 200 plus people live (116 households) in a very settled and long established community in your constituency.

One of the four options the Royal Borough is considering is a plan to demolish all our homes and scatter the community to ‘who knows where’! This is Option 4. And there ARE other viable options where we would keep our homes,

I have been asked by many of the residents to write to you to ask if you will commit, as part of your election pledge, to OPPOSE THE DEMOLITION OF OUR HOMES as contained in Option 4.

When I have received your reply, and those of your opponents in the election who I am also writing to, I will circulate them to all the residents of the estate so that they can make their decisions on how to cast their ballot on May 7.

I know as a candidate you will more than understand the huge stress and anxiety the proposed loss of our homes is to our community in Kensington - particularly the elderly, disabled and more vulnerable residents.  With this in mind, I look forward to an early reply so your views can be shared with your voters on what is for us, a pivotal aspect in how we will choose to vote on May 7.

With grateful thanks for your swift attention. Please do feel free to email your response to me.....
Best wishes

Annie Redmile   

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  1. An excellent performance from Ms Redmile. This is yet another example of the rotten borough faking a consultation. As usual, the decision was made before the consultation even began. Also as usual, there's money to be made from throwing ordinary residents out of the area. Certain individuals in Horton Street will pocket their commissions. The entire exercise is shameful. It will be interesting to hear the views of the various parliamentary candidates on this particular scandal.


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