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Friday, 6 March 2015


We all seem to be 'celebrating' something or other these days....

This weekend The Dame decided Cllr Palmer might wish to 'celebrate'  that one day last week the Dame had 2,000 pages views.

Yesterday, slightly less at just......1,565 
Not bad for a mischievous little blog Palmer says no one reads.
This is only made possible by her loyal readers.


  1. Far more residents read the Hornet than the Council newspaper...they want to know the truth, not the lies. The Dame has performed an extraordinary feat of giving the people an alternative voice.
    May she have many healthy years ahead of her.

  2. Another headache for Cllr Palmer. Best for him to keep a low profile and avoid being swatted by the Dame's cleaning staff and vermin control experts.

  3. The Dame has become a power in the land. She succeeded in knocking the bombast out of the Town Hall a couple of years ago and has now turned her baleful eye upon the selection process for MP. Politicians are intimidated by her and her legions of devoted followers. Everyone reads the Dame. May she live long and prosper.

  4. Victoria Borwick must have been busy pressing the refresh button last week

    1. Palmer

      Do go and play with yourself. You are a sad, sad person. No one wants anything to do with you.

  5. Returning to the subject; a remarkable number of people are interested in the selection result. This is because the process highlights the lack of democratic validity in rotten borough politics. It's why the council has so grossly failed the public for decades and a sitting MP claims to have masses of free time.

    If anyone other than the very clear local favourite is selected for parliament - for that is what is about to happen - there will be uproar. It will prove to residents who cling to the belief that the Tories gives a toss for the public, that they are deluded. The level of support for Ms Borwick is such that any other choice will be a travesty.


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