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Wednesday, 11 March 2015


Quite correctly, the Dame gets a gentle ticking off for attempting to be too clever by half......
Charlotte asks whether the Dame will be present on Friday....the answer is possibly.....

Dear ‘the Dame’,

I am delighted to have made the final three for Kensington and I saw that you said ‘who she?’ so I thought I should be in touch.
I attach a brief outline of ‘me’ – and of course I would be very happy to hear from you should you have any questions or if I can provide any more detail.
Will you be there on Friday?
With very best wishes,

Charlotte Vere

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  1. The Dame will not be there as she is a Labour councillor, but a few of her sub-editors might.

    1. Cllr Mathew Palmer is beside herself. Confusion, rage, jealousy and stupidity

  2. Welcome to The Hornet, Charlotte. And good luck. Its a two horse race.

  3. Earls Court! That is Phelps and Read territory. Disgraced ex Cllr Phelps and rejected ex Cllr Read. Bad vibes

  4. Doubtless an admirable woman, but her interests in private education won't exactly recommend her to the denizens of North Kensington.

    As for Palmer's moronic behaviour, he's made himself a laughing stock.

  5. The Dame is chuffed. Her influence and agitating have shaped the race for the next MP for Kensington. And democracy has returned to this part of the Conservative family. Members have three very different candidates to choose from. No vanilla here.

    Shaun, a charismatic black Londoner who grew up in the Council Estates of North Kensington and saved himself from a life of crime by joining the army. Charlotte, a new wave feminist from Earls Court who has put women's issues at the forefront of her life. And Victoria, who grew up and then raised her family in the same house in Abingdon Ward and whose husband is an active member of the House of Lords.

  6. It is believed that Ms Borwick has four children. Apart from the details of her domestic life and husband, it is worth nothing that in her spare time V Borwick has fulfilled the role of long serving local councillor and more recently Deputy Mayor of London as well. A formidable record.

  7. Lord Kensington11 March 2015 at 15:16

    I look forward to the Annual Summer Garden Party for Members of the Conservative Association in Lord Borwicks large Kensington Garden.

  8. No one has mentioned Cllr Borwick's work with disabled children young Adults and their families

  9. For the good reputation of Kensington, please select Victoria. Shaun is intellectually challenged and will get into trouble pretty quickly.


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