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Friday, 13 March 2015


Dear Friends

You may be aware that with minimal consultation the RBKC Council has decided to cease collection of domestic green waste from the end of this month.  Instead we are to put green waste out with general waste, all of which will be incinerated.  Wendy Woolf, a neighbour and friend, was as incensed as many us were when we received the notice through the letter box.

RBKC pride themselves on their unique communal gardens and we are all encouraged to build up our green spaces.  Last week ironically was RBKC’s Climate Week as they boldly claim to tackle climate change, both locally and nationally.  Having no council supported green waste collection seems madness as does incinerating compostable material.  All councils are having to 'make savings to protect front-line services' however throughout London the majority still seem able to provide a comprehensive, efficient and ecologically balanced green waste service - either paid or built into council rates - and sending it for composting not incineration as does RBKC.

In this day and time there is no acceptable reason not to properly compost our waste.  Please sign the petition. If there are 1,500 signatures the petition must go to a full cabinet council meeting and there is a strong possibility that the decision can be reversed. You can sign HERE

Amanda & Martin Frame

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  1. RBKC's contractors incinerate all the borough's general waste, yet the small waste company Firstmile, and doubtless others, manage to recycle 100% of its waste. RBKC's entire waste management and recycling arrangements are a scandal.


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