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Wednesday, 18 March 2015


Memories shape the lives of  very young children.
That is why parents of children of the Maxilla Children's Centre and Nursery School are so desperate to keep the site where it is.
So please add you voice to and sign the petition by clicking here MAXILLA SCHOOL petition


"We the undersigned recognise that closing the Maxilla Children’s Centre and Nursery School site and moving those services to Golborne and other areas scattered across north Kensington will put them out of the reach of the families living in north-west Kensington who desperately need them, given it is an area of social deprivation. Rebuilding Maxilla at its current location is the most sensible and cost effective way of delivering integrated early years’ services, ranging from early education for 2 to 5 year olds to Stay and Play drop-ins healthcare and adult learning with creche support, and will enable professionals to continue to identify problems such as domestic violence or postnatal depression, speech delay and special educational needs at an early stage.
To this end we call upon the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea:

* To reconsider its plans to move Maxilla’s services permanently to Golborne;
* To organise a public consultation on the future of Maxilla Children’s Centre and Nursery School services in a purpose built building on the current Maxilla site as required by statutory guidance issued in April 2013 by the Department for Education;
* To work constructively with the Westway Trust to develop a new and sustainable Maxilla Children’s Centre and Nursery School at its current site, with the Maxilla services temporarily relocated to Golborne while the building works are in progress;
* To negotiate with the Westway Trust to retain access for the children to the Maxilla garden with its exceptional outdoor learning opportunity whilst Maxilla is temporarily at Golborne.
Maxilla Children’s Centre is at the heart of the local community, is regularly rated as “outstanding” by Ofsted and is essential for the future well-being of the children of north-west Kensington."


  1. This closure has been managed by subterfuge to avoid the requirement of the Department for Education to hold a public consultation before any closure is agreed. The governing body has clearly been bullied, because the Council has been trying to close Maxilla for years. This is yet another example of the utter incompetence of the Cabinet Member for Children's Services, Councillor Elizabeth Campbell. The late Baroness Ritchie opened the revamped Maxilla Children's Centre in 2007 with great pride and promised that it would provide services for years to come. She must be turning in her grave.

  2. Silly Lizzie Campbell tried to get selected for the Kensington seat. Common sense prevailed and she was not even shortlisted. A stupid woman whose husband removed her credit cards due to her amazing extravagance

  3. The closure of the Maxilla Nursery may be another community asset threatened by recent changes at the Westway Trust. Apparently without local consultation or knowledge, the Trust recently changed its remit from that of a charity addressing local community issues, to one addressing the requirements of London Councils. This doubtless explains its wish to destroy everything it's supposed to stand for. Yet another scandal in the rottenest of rotten boroughs.

  4. This is also the same story as the Sutton and Wornington Green Estates etc. RBKC, the wealthiest council in the UK, is conducting a massive campaign of social cleansing - an outrageous misuse of power. What has our new local Conservative candidate got to say?

    1. Social cleansing of North Kensington is long overdue. Cllr Rock Mellon is leading the vanguard

    2. Cllr Feilding Mellen used to know some of the more dodgy areas of the north rather too well. That was before he cleaned up his act....


  5. Retired Chief Exeutive19 March 2015 at 13:31

    If, as reported, a new Capital Project (Maxmilla School) was commissioned and opened by the Council as recently as 2007 and then closed eight years later, it is customary and appropriate in business for the Cabinet to carry out a post mortem reporting on the reasons for failure. And this this should be debated at an open Cabinet meeting.

    Capital projects typically have an expected life span of 50 years.

    1. Not in RBKC. The homes on Wornington Green that are being demolished are about 30 years old.

  6. Will the trust get out of this by. Telling as it's replacing facility. This is not the first time they have tried to close maxilla. But what people want is not on the agenda.does anything matter to westway. And who is going to get people a say in these changes


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