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Tuesday, 13 May 2014


With election fever mounting the Dame has decided to throw open her little blog to all parties fielding candidates on the 22 May.

The Dame will be at the count so if you see a buxom, elderly lady of refined demeanour do come and introduce yourself...

So all you...Conservatives...LibDems...
Labour...Ukip and Independents: this is your moment to reach out to the Dame's vast and influential readership and convince it that you have the answers.

The Dame is waiting.... so come on Conservatives and your coalition partners, the Lib Dems and UKIP


  1. Dear Dame, the Opposition Labour Group has a magnificent manifesto that we have all worked very hard to produce. It is the culmination of the past four years of local campaigns, Motions to Council and our priorities and input on committees. It is a credit to Cllr Blakeman and the quiet but relentless determination she applies to the issues that really matter to residents.

    We are very proud of our manifesto, and you are welcome to read it on:

    1. Can you explain why you say you want to support local business and all your leaflets are printed in Glasgow

    2. Can you explain why you spent £100,000 on a Bentley, bought and serviced in Surrey when you could have bought a locally sourced and British built Jaguar....touche

    3. That was the Tories, not Labour. This was vigorously opposed by Labour and every year they propose in the alternative budget to sell it.

    4. The Labour Party have put up candidates in the south of the borough where they cannot win, and where all they will succeed in doing is taking votes away from the Independents and helping the Tories.
      The person who came up with that idea should really consider whether maybe he could do better in another profession other than politics.

  2. Great stuff Emma - but its all words. You guys need to prove that you can be effective and force change in the Council Chamber. Not much progress to date. And you cannot afford to lose good Councillors like Todd Foreman.

    So pick one thing, concentrate on that, and show that you know how to cut the mustard.

    1. Holland Park Opera would be a good start. Nice simple little project. Kill the subsidy and force the freeloaders to find market funding.

    2. Yes, indeed Fly Swatter and it might be valuable to remind voters of those other wastes of money, such as UFO's landing in car parks, from the Council's Culture Team

    3. None of which will be cut under NPB's watch. He is Patron-in-Chief of this sort of stuff.

  3. K&C Labour has a great history of "words". Now it is time to do something.

  4. Why build a Manifesto around Tony Ben? He is gone.

  5. Hilarious....Palmer, we know acuity is not your forte so why not answer Fly Swatter's point on Holland Park Opera? Indeed, why not present your manifesto on the 'Labour blog'. You might also reflect why it was ever felt necessary for taxpayers to fund a Bentley, bought for £110,000 and now depreciated to £40,000!
    As for my little organ being Labour...why not use it to promote policy?
    The leader wrings his hands, saying we cannot do anything about planning law...of course he can. He can lobby C. Government to change those laws. Now back in your box. You do the once admirable Conservative Party no good with your rants and appallingly disrespectful behaviour in the Council chamber. You act like a common and vulgar yob!

  6. On behalf of the Independent candidates standing in Stanley Ward

    We will act in the interest of the residents, not for the property developers and overseas investors
    We will hold regular surgeries for our constituents
    We are dedicated to providing and increasing both affordable and social good quality housing in the borough
    We will fight against the forced social cleansing of our borough, the forcing of long-term residents and families out of their homes to make way for more luxury properties
    We will fight to introduce reasonable taxation on ghost properties. Our suggestion is a charge of 2% per annum of the capital value on all non-domiciled properties.
    We will always act in the interest of the residents not for any political party
    We will fight to maintain the Thamesbrook residential care home
    We will fight to maintain and increase the provision of affordable nurseries
    We will work with all parties to bring the basement extensions situation under control
    With the planned Royal Brompton Hospital expansion, we will work with all parties to deliver a solution which benefits the community
    We will fight to protect local amenities
    We will stand up for the small independent shops and businesses being forced out of the area
    We will always put the residents before £1 million pound subsidies to the opera and other vanity projects.

    We are the only candidates promising to put our residents before politics, and the concerns of our community before the those of the developers, overseas investors and other outside interests, who only see our community as a means to enrich themselves at the expense of us all.

    1. Great bunch of good ideas from the Inde's


  7. Conservatives in the Royal Borough will not stoop to participate in this vulgar and irrelevant blog

    1. Stanley ward resident14 May 2014 at 10:15

      If it's so vulgar and irrelevant why do ALL councillors assiduously read it....
      10:01 I smell the stench of panic.
      The Inde's seem to have a resident facing manifesto....yours would doubtless be incapable of convincing voters of anything else than you have bugger all to offer. And look, as I have done, at the stats as to the vast number who read the Dame. Long live the Dame I say

    2. I LIVE IN SUTTON BUILDINGS14 May 2014 at 10:19

      Really funny to see Pooter Cockell doing his 'political lying'.
      He has met with Affinity Sutton to work with them in demolishing Sutton Buildings and is trying to play off all sides on the Royal Brompton and Royal Marsden.

  8. With the Independents there is finally a group of locals with some sensible ideas for our area.
    We have been bullied and marginalised by this council for too long, and it's time to show them that we the residents will not take it any longer.
    The Independents definitely have my vote.

  9. You are all so unfair about Sir Merrick Cockell. Someone has to stand up for those poor despised minorities, the property developers and overseas investors, and Sir Merrick has bravely supported them at every opportunity. It takes a special type of person to stand up for these minorities against the wishes of the vast majority of his constituents.
    It is too easy to ridicule Sir Merrick Cockell for his pomposity, his arrogance, the Bentley, his expenses, his two salaries, and his being entertained by all those developers and investors, while really we should just pity him.

  10. The reason we are standing as Independents is because encouragement of local residents. They are sick and tired of not being heard , they are sick and tired of the planning Juggernaught rolling over lots of things that they, and Chelsea hold dear. If we voice our disagreements through the council system and not have them taken on board - then something, somewhere is very very wrong. Residents should not be sidelined - they need to be prioritized. If i am elected - then i can assure you - resident voices will be heard at the Town hall- we are not dictated to by Party Politics - our allegiances are to our voters in Stanley Ward.

  11. Looks like the Conservatives and Lib Dem are 'chicken'

  12. The only chicken is the faceless editors of the hornet

    1. Mr Palmer...the Dame is not faceless. Go this link and you will see her in all her regal finery.


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