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Thursday, 22 May 2014


A Stanley Ward snapshot....

It was all good natured bonhomie at the beginning of the day.
Friendly banter as Paul Warrick and Mr Pastille joked that they needed to do more to 'relate' to residents; though not to the extent of holding surgeries. 
This they said was not the Conservative way of doing things...

Then something happened......the skies darkened and so did the atmosphere....

It became increasingly hostile with  dark looks being exchanged with the friendly Independent candidates and accusations flying around.
One lady teller said, " you are electioneering because nearby residents are saying hello as they go past to vote and we are ignored". 
And glowering looks from the incumbent councillors clearly fearing that they might be out on their ears.

Ian Henderson, Independent candidate, tried to explain that he was a long time resident of Sutton Buildings and as chairman of CATS it was inevitable that he would be better known than the phantom like ward councillors.
Well, he didn't really say that. Ian is far too polite to mix it.

Anyway, The Dame, from the comfort of her limousine, noticed 'Colonel' Cockell marshalling his troops, but sadly they were few and far between.
It wasn't so long ago that the area would have been flooded by eager Conservatives rushing around the place.
This time there was just one charming old chap ticking off the names as they came into vote.

It's going to be a close run thing.....


  1. Fingers crossed! The news of the morning is that H & F has gone Labour, as was always on the cards! What now for K & C genius idea of allowing ghastly H & F officers to take control in Hornton Street, without consulting residents? What a delightful mess. Hornton Street will be controlled by Labour. Perhaps they'll start by replacing the hideous blue carpet in the mayor's parlour with equally ugly bright red.

  2. NO FRIEND OF POOTER23 May 2014 at 08:45

    Myers saw the writing in the wall....perhaps he thinks he can get an early pay off.
    Greedy sod

  3. Apparently David Attenborough was seen with a BBC Documentary Crew doing a piece on the lesser spotted Conservative voter

  4. Regardless of the votes cast yesterday, the Dame deserves immense credit for shattering the K & C Conservative facade of omnipotence. A great achievement.

  5. That last comment is perfectly true! It is time to stop this tory domination of our Council. All it seems to do is to encourage a lack of consideration for those who our councillors are supposed to represent, 'the poor bloody infantry' ie the voters! Perhaps where local politics is concerned we should have more Independents. Or what about a Residents' Party?

  6. The Dame is a power in this Borough so why does she not found a new 'force for change'

  7. She is herself a force for change.


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