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Sunday, 18 May 2014


One of the great joys of life in the world's oldest democracy, as opposed to a nascent and floundering pale imitation... such as South Africa, is that political canvassers are treated with courtesy: after all, without them and their enthusiasm, political debate would be awfully dull.
The Dame mentions South Africa because for decades its Afrikaans leadership did all within its power to stifle debate and suppress democracy.
And that leads the Dame to an incident involving a local election candidate and a Sydney St resident... a South African by the name of de Waal
Our candidate was delivering leaflets with his seven year old son to a Sydney St house made up of flats.
Whilst delivering he was met with a tirade of abuse from Mr de Waal

From his crude manner it was apparent de Waal was of good Afrikaans stock.

In a loud and hectoring manner he told our embarrassed leaflet deliverer that 'that not only did he not want a leaflet, but nor did any of the other residents.'

Unless de Waal owned all the flats, or was psychic, he would have no idea as to the truth of his claim.
But more seriously...interfering with the delivery of election material is a matter of police interest and the Dame has told the candidate to report the matter to the Borough Commander.

Mr de Waal had no right to prevent delivery to fellow residents.

The Dame always has a moment or two to engage with ANY political canvasser. 
Often they find it difficult to disengage from a lady, who, in her youth, was a friend of the Webbs and Mr Lloyd George:thus she does tend to bore on about Keir Hardy and the 'old days'.
But that is her natural good manners and respect for ANYONE prepared to slog the streets for a democratic cause....whether Labour, Conservative, Lib Dems or Independents.

But Mr de Waal would know nothing of these things...and why should he? 
Afrikaners have never been noted for their manners or interest in democracy


  1. The Duke of Sloane18 May 2014 at 19:14

    What a ghastly, common little fellow. Should never allow these damned fellows in

    1. de Waal should be put on the next S African Airways flight to Cape Town. One way ticket

  2. The Dame has censored a number of comments that Mr Pieter de Waal is Head of Legal for Olympics Delivery blahblahblah.
    She refuses to believe this.

    1. Why do we put up with these awful people? They do nothing for our country and destroy our culture. No wonder UKIIP is getting traction

  3. Afrikaans are mostly the most dreadful people. Awful to think that one of them has infiltrated Sydney Street. Time for another siege?

  4. Dame, the name is Hardie, not Hardy

    1. The Dames's Personal Excuse Maker writes..."thank you 21:15. Of course, you are right. The old thing was thinking of her other old friend, Mr Hardy from Dorset, a writer friend of hers.

  5. Strange thing. directly I read this blog about the dreadful de Waal and my Bosch washing machine (doing a late weekend wash) suddenly developed the most dreadful whine. Which sounds terminal. I wonder if the two are connected?

  6. Canvassing is a dreadful job. Only the most motivated democrats hit the streets to spread the word. It is vital that we give these people time of day and listen to their message. It is part of our civilisation and we need to strain every sinew to preserve it. There is no place in our society for primitives like de Waal. Thank you Dame for exposing the reptile. May a grand pox settle on him and his ilk

  7. I think you may be talking about my meeting with the occupant of 53 Sydney Street, while I was out canvassing with my son earlier today.
    You may be being too hard on him though; as while his behaviour may be considered boorish, maybe he just doesn't know any better.

  8. I am absolutely sure that this cannot be the same Pieter de Waal who works for the Olympic Delivery Authority, as firstly, he is a lawyer and would know the law, and secondly, Boris Johnson would never appoint thugs to work in one of his quangos.

  9. As a military man, Colonel Pooter should really know how to keep his troops in check.

  10. It good to know that a bully like 'de waally' is behaving like Sydney street is his 'Manor' . - I must pass that on to a few well mannered Chelsea supporters in the area - . I'm sure they would be over the moon to hear that a middle aged South African man had been upsetting a local 7 year old. I do hope the local constabulary look into this.


  12. Another problem is the "No Junk Mail" signs now on so many residential letterboxes. Some consider election literature is junk and shout at deliverers. In a democracy election literature from various political grouping should be welcomed by residents. The more informed the voters, the better for us all.

    Those who fail to vote can't complain at the government they get.

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