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Wednesday, 28 May 2014


This is the Boris Johnson equivalent of  RBK&C's  'We hear, but we don't listen'
What an absolute waste of money even commissioning the research when the results are considered of so little import.

Dear Stakeholder
 Consultation on changes to the Congestion Charging Scheme

Thank you for taking the time to respond to Transport for London (TfL) consultation on a number of proposed changes to the Congestion Charging scheme.  These changes included:

  • Providing the option to pay CC Auto Pay accounts by Direct Debit
  • Enabling discount applications and renewals to be made online
  • Increasing the daily Congestion Charge
  • Changing the NHS Reimbursement Scheme to allow reimbursement for CC Auto Pay payments
  • Providing the option for customers to amend the date of a pre-paid charge on the day of travel
  • Minor Congestion Charge Scheme Order changes

TfL welcomed the wide range of feedback received which was useful to our analysis and helped inform our final recommendations presented to the Mayor. 

This is to let you know that the Mayor of London has confirmed his final decision on our proposals today which is to proceed with the proposals as set out in our consultation.  

A link to the report on final decisions and proposals can be viewed on our consultation web page:

If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact TfL’s Congestion Charging team on

Yours sincerely
Peter Bradley
Head of Consultation Delivery
Surface Transport
Transport for London


  1. Well done Dame for exposing this farce. The Boris clown wanted to say "I have consulted" so he blew £48k on commissioning a survey which was carried out after decisions had been taken. A PR exercise. Cllr Weale would have been proud - her kind of politics.

    1. Not just Weale sadly. Pretty much par for the course where RBK&C is concerned.

      That, and of course, should any consultation not provide the answers you want, just ignore it!

  2. Who remembers the Labour organising a consultation about the congestion zone and 80% opposing an expansion. Labour then ignore the 80% and went ahead and expanded the congestion zone.

    Clearly Cllr Weale has learnt from Labour.

    1. Correction "Labour Party"

    2. Cesspit politics

    3. Correction: it wasn't 'Labour' it was Ken Livingstone. He lost his role as Mayor of London because of this major mistake.

      You should remember that the local Labour Group opposed the Congestion Charge extension because residents did. That's called representation. Try it.

    4. Ken was the labour mayor second time around and the local labour party supported him - AND STILL DO

  3. When just after he was elected Mayor, Boris lifted Livingstone's spiteful K & C extension of the congestion charge, he (Boris) had to go through a hugely complicated consultation process first as required by the legislation. I suspect this latest round of consultation is similar. A legally required waste of public funds.

    1. Actually Boris sat on his arse for the best part of three years.

      He was elected in May 2008 and the extension wasn't removed until January 2011. It doesn't take three years, or even one year, to "consult" the public.

      Ken shouldn't have introduced the extension but Boris sure took his time removing it.

      And the reason he sat on his arse for three years is the resulting gaping financial hole it inevitable produced. But when you're trying to get yourself elected such trifling issues can be safely ignored.

      See also: London Underground station ticket office closures.

      And then some actually wonder why politicians aren't trusted by a large swathe of the electorate?


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