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Thursday, 8 May 2014


'We came to hear, but not to listen' said silly Cllr Weale at a Holland Park School meeting...she forgot her aside to a colleague had been picked because she had left mike on. 
As the disgraced ex Mayor (and friend of Cllr Cockell) Barry Phelps said, " you couldn't make it up"!
But her comment encapsulated her, and colleagues, disdain for the views of residents.

So the leader, Nick Paget-Brown, says the council now wanted to 'listen' to residents...but only up to the election!
Nick, who is a decent, well meaning human being recently moaned that the Independents didn't understand that the council couldn't change the planning laws. 
Nick, excuse the Dame's 'barrack room' manners, but that is utter balls!
You and Phillipa Roe of Westminster need to take the battle to Westminster and lobby to get the planning laws, for example, on basements changed.

This is exactly what the Chelsea Inde's say needs happen. So come on Nick, no more excuses....get lobbying!

This is what the Chelsea Independents had to say in a email to the Dame....


Dear Dame
It's a bit rich the council leader asking, during an election campaign, our thoughts when he and his colleagues have ridden roughshod over local opinion for years. 

We challenge him to listen to the people of the borough;clamp down on expenses and allowances, and kick out councillors who don't bother to attend meetings and are there for their allowances. 
But he can't as he is controlled by his party. Unlike us. 

This council is run by political puppets who have misrepresented Stanley Ward for too long and we intend to change that on 22nd May. 

We will hold regular advice surgeries-unlike Cllrs Cockell, Warrick and Pascal. 
If it benefits the Ward we will vote in favour, but we won't have any political masters telling us how to vote. 

We will fight to ensure that no councillor can claim expenses as they have in the past and will ensure they attend meetings and respect the people who elected them to office. 

We ask for just one term. 
If after that the voters don't like what we have done and how we have done it then don't vote for us again. 
But give us the honour of representing you and you will notice the difference.

Best wishes

Ian Henderson  Heinz Schumi  Adrian Barshall

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