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Tuesday, 20 May 2014


The Dame welcomes Ev Hesketh's appeal to the voters of Royal Hospital Ward.
Unlike the Louisiana carpet bagger Ev has been a resident of this parish for over thirty years. 
She is well known, well liked and highly regarded.
Five years ago, standing as a Green Party member, she got an incredible 550 votes.
Now, as one of the Independent 'loose alliance' in Chelsea, she has a manifesto which will resonate with all of us frightened at the speed at which the area is being trashed.

There is no part of Chelsea she does not know and love.
She will be a doughty fighter on behalf of all those feeling disenfranchised by a Council whose agenda is slanted towards developers and 'BIG MONEY'
Her lawyer opponent certainly comes from Yankee "BIG MONEY"!

So, if you want to make a change and halt to the degradation of Chelsea vote for a change.

Dear Dame

We no longer have a local newspaper so I would be grateful if you could publish this last minute appeal to the voters of Royal Hospital Ward.

I am resident of Royal Hospital Ward and have lived locally for over thirty years.  
Recently, all the things that help to make Chelsea special have been disappearing.  
With your help we need to reverse this trend.  

I am standing for the local election for this Ward on May 22nd 2014.  
By voting for me your views as local residents will be conveyed regularly to the council.  
Five years ago I stood for the Green Party in the Ward and managed to get over 550 votes. 
If elected I will fight on this platform.....

  • I am against selling off our land to developers for luxury unaffordable homes,  many of which go to absentee investors
  • I am against the disposal of our fire stations, police stations and our much needed social housing form the area.
  • I am against being forced to live on a permanent building site, while most of Chelsea is endlessly redeveloped, adding hugely to the traffic congestion in what is already the most polluted borough in Europe.
  • I am against removing our cinemas, public open spaces and genuinely useful shops.
  • And I am against further deep basement excavation.

I say YES to planning and building which considers all the Chelsea community and its history

YES to developing and investing money in our local amenities to be accessible to all.

And YES to retaining The Royal Brompton Hospital Fulham Wing for medical purposes.

Finally, never forget.... before the intrusion of national politics in local government Independent councillors were a brake on the arrogance of 'BIG POLITICS'.
So when you vote for me you vote for a return to voter accountability.

Thank you

.....and thank you Dame

Ev Hesketh


  1. GO FOR IT EV!!!!

  2. I wish I could vote for you Madam. The very best of luck.

  3. Made in Chelsea20 May 2014 at 18:21

    The voice of reason in Royal Hospital.

    Good luck to you Madam.

  4. I have lived in the ward for over 40 years and have voted for the Conservatives since I could vote. But they have become complacent and lazy and have no regard for the views of their constituents. Its about time we gave this rabble a scare. You will definitely be getting this families vote.

  5. Best of luck Ev and I hope that you get the success you deserve.

  6. Congratulations on your "incredible" result FIVE years ago Ev-there were actually no elections in Royal Hospital Ward in 2009.

    You did stand on General Election day in 2010 and got 321 votes I believe-off a 50% turnout.

    Shame on you for not telling the truth in your missive Ev and shame on the Dame for not checking such a basic blatant lie...

    1. This is truly horrific!!!!
      The Dame has had ask Phelps to bring her smelling salts.
      I suspect Ev might have picked up bad habits from Pooter. Do you remember how he denied using the Bentley for trips to Heathrow....and then, under pressure admitted his use, claiming it to be a 'political lie'.
      Now go away and leave the Dame. She has to choose a frock for the Flower Show.

    2. Today is June 2nd 2016. Happy Birthday Everilda, with fondest wishes, from Nicky Johnson (last house before Hale Lighthouse, but now living in Ilford).


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